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    born in colwick lived there till 1969 then carlton always stayed in the area worked at william lawrance 1965-2008

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  1. PLANFIT....The word "norrit" means wont it as in " It'll ave to do wont it"
  2. a shot of red-X in yea tank. used ta cost a penny a shot (old penny that is) now £4 for a 2 shot bottle
  3. here is a history of gedling...
  4. welcome conway V... thats right at the end of trent lane its the boat club now. i lived on colwick vale thats near the sluice gates farther down river
  5. When I finally got a car there was no stopping my wife. Every Saturday starting about 10am I would drive her all round to every fords that she could find, neterfield-carlton-clifton-stappleford-beston-bulwell-basford-and others. Even better if there was a co-op scoop there as well. I spent many a long hour waiting in the car as I didn’t like shopping
  6. Why is it, in topics I follow every alternate topic is blanked out ????
  7. Welcome zigzag…I was born in colwick on vale rd..I new some on 1st ave a polish family up near the foot path Sheila Watson lived next to the waste ground at top and a few others that names elude me. Old colwick was the main rd through colwick and new vale road was opposite the church with Deans on the corner. Johnny Boynton lived down there he gave me my nick name nipper which I still have today. Parkinson’s shop was a bit farther along than allsops just a few houses between them. Steel tanks on the field next to the paddock we called the barrel field and used to jump from one to the other pla
  8. you can`t get insurance with out a MOT if its older than 3 years
  9. No insurance no car…police usually impound it
  10. thanks Bubblewrap.....found this site....never new how little i new about a place i`ve lived in or lived around
  11. Hi Beduth, i think it was walls ice cream. I contained butter and was a Slight yellowy colour. Best ice cream ever
  12. its not the "good experienced drivers" that are the problem its the reckless ones that are. Accidents are usually caused by the bad drivers, so it doesn’t matter if you are a good driver.