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  1. I know this thread has lay dormant for a while, but does anyone know what happened to who I believed was a one time owner of the Koh-I-Noor? His name was/is Pervez Malik, many called him Peter, coincidentally he was also married to an English woman, and the last time I saw them was when the casino on Maid Marion way was still the Stakis Regency Casino. i believe he sold the place on to Mr Udin.
  2. Veikenspearl1967, i know now it's been ages since you posted, but I only get on here every blue moon. Anyway, I grew up on Northgate exactly opposite Sadies 'beer off' and remember all the places you mention. i too went to Northgate Primary earlier than you did, but Miss Harrison was there back then. My very first job, including part time whilst I was still at Claremont, was at the CooP on Egypt Rd, remember there?
  3. I was astounded to see The Vernon Arms at the junction of Forest Rd and Waverley St is now a Sainsburys local! I used to go in there a lot as they served a great pint of Mansfield bitter. There might have been others, but Dario was a long standing landlord/ tenant there.
  4. We are old mates and colleagues, I'll fire off a message to him shall I?
  5. I got asked to play it last week at The Westgate Suites, didn't get round to it though,
  6. Truth is I never heard it anywhere other than at the Dungeon! Still have it in my collection!
  7. Even though I can't recall the PB version of 007, which DD didn't release until 67, there were many other Ska songs I do remember. 10 Commandments of man, and Al Capone by prince Buster King Of Kings and give and take by Jimmy Cliff Guns of Navarone. The Skatalites Phoenix City Rolando Al I seem to remember Wet Dream being played in 67, although it didn't chart until a couple of years later..... Do the Teasy. Joyce Bond And that's it for now
  8. One of the most memorable songs from when I first went to the Dungeon, Easter Monday 1966! Not saying I heard it on that first visit, but Barry and Dave the DJ's played it regularly. If we're onto normal Soulie songs..who remembers things like La Di Da I Love You, by Inez and Charlie Foxx, and Ebony Keyes with Sitting In a Ring? Just thought of another non Soul Track, Here Today by Robb Storm and the Whispers, cover of the Beach Boys song from Pet Sounds.......
  9. I remember Terry Flynn, his sister worked at a sewing company opposite where I used to live on Northgate. ,she looked just like him poor girl!
  10. Hey little girl! the Syndicate Of Sound was another non soul track....
  11. Anyone remember the night, Sunday I recall, that Mick Parker booked a band called This End? He did a poster saying something like,' Not so much a band, more a happening' They were psychedelic and Mick got some oil filled swirly lights, I assume just for this gig. They were boo'ed off stage
  12. My mistake, Although in my defence m'lud, it wasn't widely available in the UK, and certainly not a hit, unlike DD's version.
  13. Are we talking about the same dave Brown who was occasionally on the door at The Dungeon? I'd known him previously to this as he lived one street down from me, and was my mates uncle. I believe there are still one or two of the mini boys around too, in fact I had heard that again one or two showed up at the Macmillan soul and Motown doo once or twice. Stu Morris and Jan both attend, Stu not as often as before sadly.
  14. Far be it from me to be pedantic, but 007 was Desmond Dekker! I never head Concrete And Clay anytime I went there too......
  15. Just remembered Over Under Sideways Down, by The Yardbirds was played, and that was borderline psychedilia! Night Of Fear by The Move Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys Plus quite a bit of Ska, which we all called Blue beat back then, although that was the name of the label that a lot of them were released on. More as I recall them......
  16. Grandad was Andy Twigg (Twiggy) Dick Stone is programme controller at the truly awful Crapitall FM . And afaik ms Pennels is still at the Beeb.
  17. Newbasfordlad, we were near neighbours, what's your name?
  18. Just a quick one.....if you either went to The Dungeon, or at the least like the sort of music that was played there, 4 Tops, Isleys, Drifters, Otis, Sam & Dave, Homer Banks etc, there are a number of venues I play at that will bring the memories flooding back! Firstly the Soul Night At The Westgate Suites, Westgate in Long Eaton. Every last Friday in the month, Rolls Royce Soul night Friday March 7 The French Horn in Codnor (free admission) Saturday March 1st Bunkers Hill Hockley Saturday March 29. Plus the bi annual soul & Motown night raising funds for Macmillan, Saturday April 5. This one you NEED to get tickets! and quickly as it always sells out. Mal is the person to call, tell her I told you, that might help if tickets are getting scarce. 07977 800 265.
  19. I was only there last year walking along the jetty into the sea where the pleasure boat moors.
  20. Just remembered the brand, They were Lybro, and a quick Google brings up an ad campaign of theirs at the time they were popular.
  21. Are you kidding me???? They were 29 waist!
  22. Did you not think to get someone to mend the punctures, or put new inner tubes in them?