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  1. Hi, Any information you can get hold of would be great! The vehicles from the shows are a bit of a mystery. We do know that they survived for many years in and around Notts, but we are hoping someone has one of the in a garage somewhere! Lee
  2. Hi! I just wanted to let members know of the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Fan Gathering on July 26th later this year. We have Cast, Crew and Writers attending the event. Tickets are on sale now and will include a lot of events during the day such as Location Treasure Hunt, Never Before Seen Screenings of Behind The Scenes Footage/Outtakes and rare scenes, Q & A with Cast, Crew and Writers and so much more! Many thanks, Lee
  3. Thank you, thats great. Hopefully they will get in touch. Lee
  4. Did you manage to get hold of anyone or anything to do with the show? Many thanks, Lee.
  5. Hi, I am trying to find some old pictures of Knipton, especially the War Memorial, from the 1980's, 1985 to be more precise. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was filming a scene there at the time, but since there have been a lot of changes. Does anyone have any pictures from this period? Many thanks, Lee Barratt
  6. I cant seem to be able to edit the post above, so here is the link again, hopefully working this time.
  7. This one has been solved. It was on the A616, near to Caunton, and seeing as they filmed just up the road at Beesthorpe Hall, it was eventually easy to track down. The full workings out, and pictures are in the link below.
  8. Next year is the 30th Anniversary for the TV Show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, and as you might know, the 2nd series was filmed in the Notts area. We are organising a Charity Evening/Exhibition in Newcastle in 2013, and need to track down people who worked on the show. If you know anybody who was involved with the show, or have picture or memorabilia from when the filming took place, then please get in touch.
  9. Return of the Seven Part Two. The scene starts at the Kegworth/Radcliffe on Soar road the A453, but that isn't the road, as its nothing like it, with no petrol station etc, so the continuity isn't right. Starts at 39.08 exactly... Like I said the continuity is all out, but the shot above of the Mobil Petrol Station is... Lee
  10. Hi, I am looking for the location of a Mobil Petrol Station, that was located in the Notts area. It was featured on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and filmed in 1985. The only thing I know for the location is, it was a A/B road, not the A1 or a Dual Carriageway. I have put together a picture below, and please forgive the roughness, but its a mash up of screen shots as it appeared on screen. You get to see the Mobil station first, then a large house right next door, and then about 200 years down, the next house as you see it in the picture, from Right to Left.
  11. A couple of people have mentioned about Mary and The George Hotel/Pub.....Which town was this pub in? Thanks, Lee.
  12. Would it be ok to add this picture to my website? Do you know what year the picture was taken? Lee
  13. I have done a couple of searches for it, but didn't come up with much except- It was first registered between Aug 78 and July 79, in Dudley. Lee
  14. Here is the latest picture we have just got from neighbours of Barry's at his fictional house in Beeston, thought you all might like to see it, never been seen before. Lee
  15. Ok members. Does anyone have any pictures or know the history of Barry's van? I see that someone mentioned it being from the Notts area, and that someone local had it for sale. As the history of this van is unknown, it would be great to find out what actually happened to it, even if it is now Coca Cola cans up and down the country... Lee