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  1. Reading this thread has literally blown me away an the name "Simon Wilcox" now that was a blast from the past! I used to live at Number 9 Hodgkinson Street from '83 until '95 when I joined the RAF. We had just moved down into Netherfield when we heard about what had happened, I remember his Dad, was big into fishing and did fish the Gravel pits near to Rectory Junction. Now there's a place that everyone seemed to go when it was hot and sunny, if the wind was in the right direction you had fresh air! Netherfield was always subject to an aroma all dependant upon the wind direction. I always seem
  2. Here's a view looking towards Netherfield right next to "Ron Porter's" barbers. c1973 %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i1066.photobucket.com/albums/u410/GrimsbyTown00/CARLTONNETHERFIELD2.jpg
  3. Piggy and Babs; I started at the "Annex" in 1986 then moved to the Main School on Burton Road during '87. I did know that it was a former girls school as there was still evidence from that era, ie the toilets I seem to remember that they were all traps and no conventional toilets for us boys. Beefsteak; as for heading up Station Road do you mean going around the back between "Anagas House" and "Ron Porters" Barbers? I do recall that there was an horticultural society shop of some sort around the back that was only open on certain days of the week, we had an allotment on Netherfield Lane what w
  4. My Dad was a regular through Basford and its environs when he was at Colwick, he often used to tell me about how they nearly lost a loco at Weekday Cross Junction back in 1965. He said that he did an 8 hour shift just sat on "Spike Bank" at Colwick just waiting for the road to get out of the yard to head for Stanton Ironwork's He said all trains by that time had to exit Colwick Yard via Colwick East to head North West. After the 8 hours there was no relief crew so they had to work the train, he said it was an eventful trip until they were due to return light back to Colwick when the Guard had
  5. You learn something new everyday! I never knew it was a Mortuary I seem to recall it was called "Anagas House" I used to pass it regularly going to and from school (Carlton le Willows (Annex)). "Ron Porters" Barbers was on the corner opposite the Fox & Hounds.
  6. A couple of shots of the "Rat 'ole" showing the little used part of the GN to Daybrook that seemed to be used for storing engineers trains.
  7. I do remember the signal box at Carlton when it still operated gates back in the mid 70's (My Dad took me up there when he was on the railway at Nottingham) the buildings were demolished and there were brick shelters provided, I seem to remember that there was still evidence of the stations former name of "Carlton & Netherfield" (changed to "Carlton" during May 1974) on the timetable board that resided on the Lincoln side opposite the box which too still had the original name boards minus the cast letters with the standard BR station name board over the top of it. Carlton & Netherfiel
  8. http://i1066.photobucket.com/albums/u410/GrimsbyTown00/noruleslincolnlineboxes.jpg
  9. Aye up mi ducks! I'm Mick.......yes I've been lurkin arahnd ere fa som time now and decided I'd better join. I left Nottingham just over 19 years now when I joined the RAF but I still have family there "back at 'ome", I have been back since and tried to drive through the City!!!!! Trams!!!! my god its all changed!!! Still that's progress for you!