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  1. Trying to trace old school friends Dorina Smith (think she moved to Weston Super Mare) Phillip Boyer (became a professional footballer) Both went to Musters Road School in West Bridgford around 1960/65 could have also gone to South County Junior School up Exchange Road.
  2. Anyone remember musters road school or even went there around the 60s ?
  3. Hi all, New to this site, my dad worked for direct delivery service and was in the British waterways yard at the bottom of Trent lane opposite the entrance to the scouts huts. He also worked for British waterways and British gypsum at east leak and Gotham. I drove for whatmoughs sweets, hicking and pentecost, saxbys, GUS Transport now white arrow, FM transport, coaches on Nottingham city transport. Hope some members remember some of them old Nottingham companies.