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  1. I knew Mr astil....A good mate of Doggy Hugill, I was in Welbeck, was a good impressionist at the time and went on to do talent shows as I was leaving wheldon, Chris Daykin once did a drawing of me when for a day I spent all the lessons dressed and acting as Frank Spencer, I drenched Miss Lewis with a bunsun burner plugged into a water tap when she asked me to take the class as Frank Spencer. My name is Pete by the way, sister Maureen, bro,s Les and Dave, all Welbeck....
  2. Ohhh yes....Boris was our housemaster, Mr Lucas was P.E. Miss Lewis (Drama) Oh and a geography teacher with the nickname...Ratface
  3. I was in Chris Daykin,s class. If I remember correctly he was a big pal of Paul Pritchard. Welbeck house . If he reads this.....Hi from Pete..
  4. Thankyou, I was just doing a google search to see if I could find any photo,s of our old street when I found your site. It is very interesting. I have so many fond memories of my early days living in Arnold, there were quite a few wastegrounds as we called them to play on. I seem to remember Oscrofts yard as well as Hardstaffs yard. And I also think that ours was the only house on " Wellibob " street that had no bathroom...the tin bath hung outside the back door.
  5. I was born on Wellington street, some of the other cut throughs from high st to front street were, Hardstaffs yard, Wood Street. The Druids tavern was at the top of Wellington st and the rear car park of Arnold workingmens club was a few doors down from us, there was a coal yard and also at the top of the street an Adkins bookmakers shop.