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  1. what age / name was your mate that passed away
  2. Met my ex wife whilst i was repairing the broken windows on the D10 building, started on the roof and worked our way down repairing every broken pane, she worked on the 3rd or 4th floor in the drugs dept, that was about 1977/78
  3. Think Mick was married to a girl whose parents ran a pub out towards Southwell, may be wrong though
  4. Still in touch with John and Mick Carlings younger brother Dave, if they are the ones that lived on Bramerton.
  5. We are big family, lived on Glaisdale Drive, my mum still lives there.
  6. it was owned by Dave Brett who now lives in Europe
  7. Anyone remember Morts, worked there from 1978 for about 3 years, them were the days
  8. I worked here about 1976 for a while, started at Snooks just down the road but Dixons paid more and people seemed nicer, remember the old lifts very well, old steel shutter type doors, also unloading the lorries on the road blocking it half the time as well.
  9. Left Glaisdale in 76, brother left in 75 and older sister about 73
  10. Lived on Glaisdale Dr from 1965, went to Glenbrook and Glaisdale, left in 1976, drank in the Beechdale, mum still lives on Glaisdfale Dr, 2 brothers still in Bilborough and a sister in ASpley, other brother and sisters moved out like me.
  11. used to buy uncut loaf from shop, take out and throw the inner bread and take the outer crust in chippy and get it filled with chips