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  1. This is a useful site, there is a free search available but best to sign up. Voucher prices start at £5. Details cost from £1.50 to £2.00 per. plot. Records for the following sites are currently available on Deceased Online: Rock aka Church Cemetery, opened 1850 Basford Cemetery, opened 1970 General Cemetery, opened 1838 High Wood Cemetery, opened 2006 Northern Cemetery (Bulwell), opened 1903 Southern Cemetery (Wilford Hill), opened 1919 Wilford Hill Crematorium, opened 1931 The records available comprise the
  2. Saturday 23 December 1916 , Nottingham Evening Post A Christmas tree will be held in the Y.M.C.A. hut, opposite the Midland Railway Station, on Christmas Day, and gifts will be welcomed by the lady superintendent. ...
  3. A picture from 1950 Nottingham Evening Post Presentation at William Dixon & Co. Ltd Hounds Gate Nottingham (Ken Parr 2nd from right)
  4. Hello David Thank you so much for your contribution regarding John Auger Dixon. You must treasure that cricket ball, a wonderful heirloom, and bet that wedding dress was made of Nottingham Lace. I have your grandfather to thank for some great memories, for due to him and the connection to the Trent Bridge Ground, as young employees of Wm. Dixon we were sent, during working hours, to watch periods of play in a Test Match, for free! This was a great treat at a time when the working conditions can be described as a little Dickensian. There was a great interest in cricket in the company and ann
  5. Hello Magpie28 and thanks for your conribution to this thread. You started at Wm. Dixon about a couple of years before me. I well remember all the names you mention. Being in the knitwear dept. with Fred Thorpe, you were on the same floor as these other managers, perhaps you recall them?.... Peter Deacon (shirts), Reg Bell (socks), Doug Blackmore (fancy), Stephen Powell (underwear), Frank Spencer (ladies). Bob Morris and Sam Small were both directors in my time, as were Arthur Stone and Geoff Wooton (finance). You may well have joined when Miss Smith (Elsie) was still on the board o
  6. Hello tleaf, welcome. The photo of Leen Valley Jazzmen was posted by me, please feel free to use. I only know that the banjo player was Eric Smith, will try to contact him for details of other members. The Beatmen played at Nottingham YMCA quite often, they were indeed a pop group and if my memory is correct the lead singer was a girl!
  7. Can you pick anyone out in this old crowd photo? Taken at City Ground, could be cup winning year 1959, but think it is perhaps a few years later. The position of the shot was to the right of the old "Shippo's Ivor Thirst Score Board" on the side opposite the bench.
  8. piggy and babs ....... To help, would need full names and dates you have already found. Quite understand that you may not wish to publish the details on open forum. Don't know if there is a way round this?
  9. Glad it helped piggy & babs, (Dave has just added the Ilkeston deaths to his site). Hope you find date of birth for Annie, if not ask.
  10. Shippo's did have more transport than the Oss!
  11. This is part of an article that appeared in the Foden Motor Works News during the late 1950s - early 60s. It refers in part to Shipstone Horses and their use during the Great War (100 years - this year) I am sure there are many Nottingham Families that were touched by this dreadful war.
  12. Found these Wish that lorry had been a Foden not Leyland.
  13. Will see what I can find mick2me. Have permission for the Shippo Steamers etc. (some on Flickr) If you want them on here, please tell me where to put them !!
  14. Found this one among my old photos. Don't know when or where it was taken.