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  1. The Turf Tavern is now closed and undergoing refurbishment and rebranding as The Hop Merchant
  2. The long way round to regain the Robin Hood line to Mansfield and Worksop adds about twenty minutes to the normal timetable schedule
  3. Local Hyper Supermarket and 1\2pence coins along with ancient manual tills and the local co-op at the end of the day deli section sweeping up all odds and ends of cold meats into a bag and selling it cheaply.
  4. On Ebay at moment photo of interior showing part of the former Black Boy Hotel
  5. Colour version of the above Albert Hall photograph
  6. Am I right in thinking there used to be a 700 numbered service run by Stagecoach and TrentBarton that used to go from Sheffield to Mansfield to Nottingham then onwards to Leicester?
  7. Lynmouth Flood the tree growing with the bed embed in it forms part of the memorial garden.
  8. Just to be completely obsessive about the site have found out that by 1950s it was a Cash Till saleroom another shop and trade you don't see around too often nowadays.
  9. So far plan appears to be reduction in size of the centre along with the recreation of some missing street layouts. Existing bus station and multi storey car park will receive makeover while the Arndale NCP car park will be demolished to make way for the new traffic and road layout. This will see Canal Street partially pedestrianised and Colin Street fully pedestrianised to create the eventual gateway from the Railway station into the city centre. Long term plans include partial pedestrianisation of Station Street and Carrington Street too. The plans also include finally getting round to b
  10. These are some of the Fothergill buildings I know about that have been demolished Fothergill Family Home 7 Mapperley Road, Nottingha Black Boy Hotel Long Row, Nottingham St. Nicholas' Rectory Castle Gate, Nottingham Albert Hall East Circus Street, Nottingham The Congregational Church, West Gate, Mansfield Emmanuel Church, Woodborough Road, Nottingham A J Wooton warehouse on Pilcher Gate Warehouses for Messrs. Tipton & Son ( Fancy Box Manufacturers ) on Hounds Gate, Nottingha Corporation Buildings - a block of 40 houses built in Basford
  11. Not best quality but picture found online from the demolition of the hotel
  12. Link to the book if anyone is intrested in it
  13. So much change and loss in terms of bus services over the last twenty years old Barton 32 from Nottingham to Bulwell, the 10 going through Attenborough and now the 18 further cut back to just Beeston to Stapleford when used to be Nottingham to Ilkeston.
  14. Yes it will soon be time for the bus station to move around once more still remember the first bus station in its vast hangar layout.