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  1. And I get asked why I left England, huh
  2. jet


    As I was asked and for anyone interested her are some pics of our Farm in Brazil just after we moved there. There is also a program on BBC iplayer, Micheal Palin, visits Brazil, 4 days left to view although seems to me he didnt capture the wide open space of the area.
  3. Welcome to the site cbrusty
  4. jet


    Bilboro-lad My sister lives down the road from you.
  5. jet


    Bilboro-lad Were on Carlton Hill, I spent a lot of my life on and around Carlton Hill, is the rec still there behind the church?
  6. I too took rags to Trickets for swimming baths money or bottles to the off lincense.
  7. jet


    Bilboro-lad, Photos of wot? I was at Chandos around 57 through 61 ish. loppylugs, The dog is a Rottweiler cross, we also have his mum and dad, he is a mistake but v intelligent and well behaved.
  8. jet


    Hi all and thanks for the welcome, no Dat47 I dont have a brother Neil but have Alan ,Brian, and Micheal, loppylugs dont like to dwell on my time at Chandos it wasn't fun but necessary I guess. Stan the drought is way way down south we are north east, the bit that sticks out and we have just entered our rainy session so its very wet at times mostlly at night, lots of fruit you will not have heard of coz it dont travel well and most of the fruit you have heard of eg pineapple orange mango banana ect ect. We dont grow to sell its just nice to see and eat. dont like football at all and the we
  9. Think Jacky pownall lived at the end of Oakdale Road a very long time ago, I had a brief fling with his daughter Jean till his dog bit me.
  10. Hi Babs god wot a small world, or is it only small around Nottingham, those names bring it all back and Trudies cafe well !! the things that you put in the cubby hole in the back of your memory, and I was thinking that alzheimers was imminent and your right they did go to station road in the 60s at least Joyce did. I last saw Mick and Panna about18 years ago seems like 5 ---- some people thought I was a self harmer because I used to visit Lesley so often in the first aid at Bournes. Im going to send a link to this site to Joyce and Maureen who incidentally visits Spain alot Murcia anywhere ne
  11. Babs forgot to add my two sisters went to Station road girls school in the 50s Maureen and Joyce
  12. Hi Babs Can you ask Lesley Denoon if she remembers a Les Porter from Bournes in Netho Thanks
  13. jet


    Hi to all members, wanted to introduce myself, I grew up in Carlton Notts went to school at Parkdale Primary and Chandos Secondary worked in Netherfield, Colwick,Carlton and Nottingham untill retiring to north east Brazil, my wife and I own a fruit fam near the coast, would like to hear from anyone who knows me, Les Porter. Good Luck to all.
  14. Jakie Bells, Theres a name that conjures up memories of gloss painted maroon walls and I think even the celing.