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  1. Just a couple of Pics
  2. Very Small world Babs. I used to have friends who lived on LNW Terrace and would often be that way hanging around riding our bikes down the big dipper on the muck hills or playing on the "bombsite" across from the footy changing rooms. As we got older we would venture further afield down the trent ponds and go camping, fishing & swimming. Believe it or not after you crossed the train line at Jackie bells field you were technically no longer in Netherfield but all the addresses and post codes stated that as the address. Dad informed me that to leave Netherfield by car you must cross (und
  3. The very same park hosted the 1977 silver jubilee party. Am i just getting old or did there seem to be much more community spirit then. Everyone from the whole of Dunstan & Curzon street mucked in, from what i recall we had a whale of a time i do have some photo's of the party somewhere at dads, i will dig them out the next time i am home
  4. Seth and Ron are my great uncles (mama's brothers) so i will have a root round or indded ask my aunty Joan who also has hundreds of photographs, you never know we may just come up trumps. I will have a look at the thread Cliff and see whats what. Incidentally do you remember the shop on the corner of curzon street and what is now ley street (where the community centre is) that was my aunts shop at one stage
  5. Some of these may have already been seen but take a quick glimpse anyhoo
  6. Lizzie, yes we lived one side. If you orientate yourself so you are looking at the Villas from Dunstan street ours was left of the entry. (5) I have never heard that story of the lady gassing herself, i will have to ask dad. Its strange what memories remain with you, such as the meter man coming to empty the gas meter and giving the rebate there and then in shilling coins. The willow tree that dad planted in the garden. (he put his fork through my plimsoll by accident and it missed my toes by going between) One of my earliest memories is a chimney fire, that dad says i shouldn't remember a
  7. Thats the man Sam Issom, dad was his apprentice and then went on to work for him for years. He also had a son called Godfrey, their house was the very first one under the railway arch going from chandos street to emerys road, also had the builders/roofers yard at the back. Many happy days in that yard when dad took me to work with him
  8. I was born in Netherfield at No 124 curzon street in my grandparents ( Thomas & Mabel Barratt's) house. I was the first of eventually three children born to Nev & Jean Barratt. Shortly after my birth we moved to number 5 Norman Villas at the bottom of Dunstan Street. It is at norman villas where i spent my formative years and i have so many fond memories of the place. Like many have said on here, we didn't have much but we didn't let that stop us. The dyke that has been mentioned several times used to run at the foot of our gardens and i was never out of it as a kid, oh the wallopings
  9. I went through school with Simon right up to the tragedy, i still remember the shock of hearing the news.
  10. Lizzie, is Shirly Issom any relation to the Issom roofing contractors that had the yard next to the green near norman villas? THANK YOU for the welcome, i will trawl my memory banks n see what comes up :-D
  11. I was born in that house, 124 Curzon street. I must get dad to come onto this forum, he would love it. My memories of Netherfield are some of the fondest i have, there never seemed to be any worries (for us kids anyway) and we were always out and about up to mischief. A few friends of ours that lived at Norman Villas started chatting after i posted a photograph and it lead me to here while i was searching for items. Good to hear from you
  12. Good afternoon folks, Came across this forum whilst reminiscing with friends who used to form the community we knew whilst living at Norman Villas at the end of Dunstan street. I see my dad (Nev Barratt) as also had a mention on this thread along with a few of his old mates. Also my dear Mother Jean who sadly passed away some years ago. I lived there from birth (1966) until about 1976/77 when we moved just round the corner onto Asper Street, i stayed there till i joined up at 16 in 82. Very fond memories