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  1. How about Potato Pit Lane at Stanton By Dale? Comery Avenue-built by the Comery Family-my mum's dad was a plasterer, Robert Watkinson Comery and I understand that the rest of his family were also in the building trade.
  2. I lived at Dukes Cottages,just down the road from Burntstump, from around 1960-1982, Sherwood Lodge was owned by the Seely family, but I remember it when it was owned by the NCB. My dad remembered Lord Sherwood (as he was known) going round the estate in a pony and trap. There were various 'rides', or wide grassy pathways where a carriage could be driven aorund the estate to show off to visitors, and these would've been planted with trees to create an avenue of trees. The Burnt Stump itself refers to a tree hit by a lightning strike years before, in fields across the road from the park-NOT the fabricated version in the pub park! I'm not sure where the building is that you're referring to, as it's a few years since I've been there. Next to the car park is the old walled garden and the gardener's cottage. (Used to be Mr Horne's nursery.)What is now the 'Burnt Stump' was one of the old staff residences, possibly the butler. I used to walk to Seely Church school form the cottages through the woods along the drive up from the Lodge-sad to say I wouldn't have dreamed of allowing my kids to do that!!!
  3. OK, I'm biting. I went to Seely Church School. Why the bank of earth????
  4. hi all, loved reading this thread. My dad's family lived at 10 Salop Street-my great uncle Bob (gran's brother)had the woodyard half way up. I remember going on Saturdays to see gran & grandad & rest of family, and going to the chippy at the botom of the street. I remember the houses at the bottom of the street fronting Mansfield Road, before they were demolished & R Mould built premises there. We used to catch the bus back home, near to 7 Mile House (NOT 5 mile house!) at the bus stop and an old woman in the cottages would come out & shout at us if I sat on her wall. When I went there (late 50's, 60's) Cerebos Salt was still at bottom of Street. What is now a (notorious!) dentists practice was a GP surgery run by Drs Nicol & Kendrick. Nicol was lovely, but Kendrick was very brusque, as I recall. I used to wait for bus home from Arnold High at White Hart, and the fields were still used as grazing, before houses were built there in the 70's. Mum uses to shop at Mr Holmes shop-she also used the Post Office which was in a terrace of houses between the Ram & Waggon & Horses. We lived near Bottom House Farm (after Lamins' Top House Farm) & mum would walk from there to Arnold pushing a pram with me & bro in it. Bless here, they made 'em tough in them days!!!!