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  1. i went to greenwood from 1980_85, mr. graham was still there as was mr. fletcher great teacher( spoke to him a couple of years back still an absolute gentleman) mr. adey was also still there but sadly took his own life in 1982_83 ish as i remember, as you can imagine the news shook the whole school.he was a great teacher.
  2. Harry Paulson 1819_1890 born in newark, the family moved to sneinton around 1826 a bare knuckled prize fighter and the friend bendigo asked for on his death bed, and more importantly my great great grand dad.
  3. dkw

    Rag & Bone man

    in the 70,s the rag and bone man that came up highcliffe road (sneinton) was called no nose because he didnt have one can anyone remember him ?
  4. hello, im new to this(sorry if it sounds daft ) am i right in thinking that the line from victoria station runs under town towards the broadmarsh area. if so is it possible to go down there and explore? cheers