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  1. Hi Does any one have a street map that shows the above location in Hyson Green around 1880, seen some photos of the area in 1960. Any help much appreciated. Paul
  2. Scotty Been a few months since I was on the site as been busy elsewhere. I have a couple of photos one of Samuel both are newspaper photos one is of Leicester City and the other Nottingham Forest. The Leicester photo is a full team photo which is the same as the newspaper cutting (but better quality) in the official Leicester City Football history 'Of Fossils and Foxes' team photo is of the 1928/1929 season. Samuel was never played in the first team so if you were to ask Leicester City then they will not recognise him as a player (photo says otherwise). I am not aware as to a similar comp
  3. Looking for help to obtain a census for 1851. Using Ancestry the image has come up corrupt so unreadable. If anyone has an alternative source for the same image and can send me a copy this would be a help. Details of what I am looking for is as follows:- Name: Joseph Raynor Age: 30 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1821 Relation: Head Spouse's Name: Ann Raynor Gender: Male Where born: Nottingham Redford Civil Parish: Manchester Ecclesiastical parish: Trinity Church County/Island: Lancashire Household schedule number: 26 Piece: 2224 Folio: 6 Page Number: 8 Household Memb
  4. Cliff Ton Thanks for the map (better than mine) and the photo, guess a lucky pic, appreciate your help. PR
  5. The number is 88 Bailey Street, if you look on the left hand side at the Whitemoor Road end then this is where the house ought to have been - completely redeveloped. As for Radford Road I have a photo taken in 2008 (house looks better now), just looking for a better map than I have. PR
  6. Looking for a copy of a map that has sufficient detail to identify or determine house numbers on Bailey Street. Also looking for the same for Radford Road, narrowing this down to number 496 or just up Egypt Road / Radford Road Junction. Hope some one can help, looking forward to any replys. PR
  7. I have found a photocopy of a Nottingham Forest Team Photo 1930 - 31 and he is there (knew I had something filed away). When I can get this scanned I will add to the post - no idea what newspaper this would be from but likely to be only in Nottingham. Interesting concerning the amateur signing in 1926, I did not know this or previous trials for Manchester City. I assume this must be a newspaper report? PR
  8. Well I have traced back to 1924 at the moment, found John's mother was a Smith (not helpful), could do with a lead on his father. Going forward Barbara born 1968 married a chap named William Bright in 1985. Barbara was born a year before her father died. Incidentally John was born in Mansfield Can't say it is a relative at present but confirming the name is a help. PR
  9. Malcolm Was Cyril a John Cyril A Raynor, seems to match with a Annie Seddon being married 1954, born 29 October 1924, died June 1969 aged 44 PR
  10. Malcolm Thanks for the reply. From what I can make out the RAYNOR's were from around Basford, Bilborough, Bulwell so Aspley is a possibility. Originally I think they came from Retford moving to nearer Nottingham probably in the early 1730's. If you have any details then I check my research and see what turns up. Thanks for the interest PR
  11. An ancestor of mine Samuel Raynor played for Nottingham Forest Football Club around 1929 - 1932. Previously he was on the books of Leicester City but never got to the first team so did not feature in the official history of Leicester City. I was hoping there would be an official history published for Nottingham Forest available either online or book, I see a mention of one but not the actual book, seems to have been published a while ago. Is there anyone with a copy of this book that would provide me with the stats for the years above, maybe a team photo or two or any other information like ne
  12. Well I would have to have a look but there is a possibility. The leads I have obtained from this forum have been great, it will take me a few days to follow these through. PR
  13. It will not be me I would be in my teens then living in Leicester and often trying to sneek in to pubs after my 16th birthday, strange the excitement was lost when you reach 18..... PR
  14. I checked my earlier post on Queen Street and the detailed map you sent over, the picture matches the map - the give away is the bay window which is plain to see on the map and can be seen in the photo. Any idea when the picture was taken? PR