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  1. was you grandad anesley related to a Chappell by any chance a Lilly Chappell perhaps
  2. bill chamberlain at Netherfield some knew him as Percy others as bill worked all his life on the railway Fred gooden was another one
  3. earliest memory is emery road Gedling bungalows, names to remember Scott, Deborah, Lorraine ,Yvonne tailor , feeding the horses in the field on the corner of the railway also feeding the donkey behind the pub on Carlton hill close to the police station, the post office at the bottom of Gladstone street Carlton, and strangely my first head teacher at infant school Mrs johnson, my first day at school she had one of those Russian dolls that come apart to reveal another smaller doll inside the last one had a smarty in it , and the small bottles of milk they used to give us to drink . The
  4. station road school that's the one I was missing from my memory it was built like and aircraft had bunkers behind it under the field , your post reminded me of that school on the way to Carlton the gooden family bought a house up the hill behind the school there used to be a dress cutting shop
  5. chicken they had those blocks on emery street remember the pathway that ran from there going towards Carlton le willows school from the bridge on Chandos street or you could walk straight up to the horse field by the railway by the bungalows and turn left cross over the railway and straight on used to be some sweet shops and a chippy up there
  6. New to this site so hi everyone, its been years since I have been to Nottingham, lived in Netherfield forester street close to Chandos street, used to go to Curzon street playground there was a chippy on the corner great curry sauce . anyone remember mavis brookes she used to be the crossing lady on victoria road close to the co-op all the kids used to know her as we passed her daily on the way to school behind the electrical shop opposite co-op . After that, I went to the school in forester street then to Chandos school before moving on to Carlton le willows. Do you remember a