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  1. If you want to find out what Mick Parker is up to these days and share some memories of the Dungeon days, make sure you're listening to BBC Radio Nottingham this morning (Sunday 4th Sepetmber)... Mick is guest of John Holmes just after 11am... 103.8FM or online
  2. Thanks for all the memories... I'll mention as many people and places as I possibly can over the next few weekends, especially on Sunday 7th February... We have a plentiful supply of 50s & 60s stories and we're now on the search for a few more 70s & 80s experiences! Do you have any memorabilia from the music scene in Nottinghamshire through the 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s? Posters, tour programmes, ticket stubs, autographs, photos (especially which show the interior of clubs), records, anything taken (ahem) from venues – infact ANYTHING AT ALL - which represents these eras? We're hoping to stage an exhibition of Nottinghamshire pop memorabilia in the near future. Keep listening to the "People's History of Pop" with Mark Dennison again Friday morning from 10am - this week in the 70s - and also to my nostalgia and nonsense, every Sunday afternoon 12-4pm. You can email me directly if you'd prefer: It'd be useful to have a contact number and/or email address. You can find out more about this project and how to upload your pictures at Thanks again!
  3. Hi Lizzie, here's the story recounted by Andy Smart of Bygones and The Post...
  4. Thanks for the memories and stories so far... I'll check this forum on a regular basis and will try to mention as many folk as I possibly can. If you want to keep up to speed with other BBC Radio Nottingham nostalgia related stuff, please feel free to 'like' my Facebook page...
  5. And Little Richard was later notorious for opening the Intercon at Victoria Centre, supposedly Europe's biggest nightclub at the time!
  6. Excellent! Thanks for your help so far... Where was the Room At The Top? There were also Parkside and Pigalle clubs. Any anecdotes and stories are very welcome, plus memorabilia and pictures. Just post here or email me:
  7. Thanks for reminding me about the Hippo... Yes please!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome... We're thinking back to some of those iconic local venues like Mansfield Granada, Nottingham's Albert Hall, The Astoria, The Cavendish, Colmans, The Empire, The Gaumont, The Odeon, The Palais in Mansfield or Nottingham, Worksop's Regal and what about Sunday concerts at The Savoy Cinema? Not forgetting places like The Boat Club, The Festival Hall in Kirkby, The Festival Inn at Trowell, The Musters Club in West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Leisure Centre. Who did you see and where??
  9. Hi, I'm Paul Robey of BBC Radio Nottingham, purveyor of Nostalgia & Nonsense every Sunday afternoon! We'd like to share your memories of local concerts and gigs from the '50s through to the '80s. Do you have any pop memorabilia? What about photos with stars? "The People’s History Of Pop” is a partnership with BBC Music, charting British pop history from the 1950s onwards. You can find more information here: Every Friday morning on BBC Radio Nottingham just after 10am, Mark Dennison continues the history of pop – and there’s a special Sunday afternoon nostalgia show on 7th February 12-4pm with me, which will be a celebration of Nottinghamshire's pop heritage. Please feel free to reply here or email me directly: