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  1. Dave, Your great uncle left rather a lot of money.
  2. That's very kind of you to say that Dave. Yes it is me who has posted on Notts Rootsweb but not recently.
  3. I don't seem to have a Stephen in my family tree, although my Binns family did come from the New Basford, Hyson Green area. Maybe he is someone a lot younger than me, the son or grandson of a cousin. Will check it out when I have time. I too have curly hair but it's white now!!
  4. I can trace my family tree back to William Campion born c.1783 Nottingham who set up as a frame maker in Loughborough. His grandson, William, founded the Campion Cycle Company in 1892 after previously being a manufacturer of industrial knitting, welting, sewing machines etc as well as domestic (hand-operated) sewing machines. Following his death in 1895, his son Edwin William Campion ran the company and after re-organisation in 1896 was joined as a director by Ernest Frederick Hutchinson, Ernest was the son of Rowland Hutchinson who later founded the Surgical Hosiery Company Ltd. on Russe