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  1. That's where I bought my first hi-fi set up in the Autumn of 1968.: a Rogers Ravensbrook amp, a pair of Kef K2 Celeste speakers and a B&O record deck.
  2. For Scriv: I know it's sometime since your request for info on pub names, but the best I can offer is: Peggers was probably so named probably as a word used by market stallholders being known as peggers (a little like 'stakeholders'' in the USA pioneering days when settlers staked out a piece of land, thus the marketeers pegged out a plot that they would hopefully hold in perpetuity) The Fox and Grapes was first nicknamed 'Pretty Windows' because the landlord.s wife maintained attractive curtains. The pub remained closed for a long time until Banks's came along and renamed it Peg
  3. You may have been going to Ron's on Parliament street, opposit the big Co-op store. I also used that shop. 1 of the girls, Jane (an apprentice in the 70's) set herself up in a shop in Sherwood on Newstead Street. Originally called Jane's Cut 'n Blow, she shortened it to Cut 'n Blow. There was also Linda who currently works at Centre Styles on Mansfield Road opposite the Rose of England pub.
  4. I remember Mr Fisher. His shop stood between the Regal Cinema and the Pentecostal church on Station Road. His son, Victor, attended Chandos Street School for boys, as did I. You are correct on the half a crown price. Even at age 11, it was usually a short back and sides whether I wanted it or not.
  5. I couldn't comment , although a good number of my family lived in Netherfield. Given the timescale, it's quite possible that E.Man may have been a relative.
  6. My great grandad, Mattie Mann, lived on Dunstan Street. Which address, I don't know. He was a coal merchant who invited the local menfolk to joinn him in his front parlour to practice singing . Thus was born, in 1908, the Carlton & District Male Voice Choir.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing that.
  8. I seem to have 6 identical copies of a post. How do I remove the excess copies?
  9. I still think the Odeon just a few yards away had the widest screen in Nottingham. I also went to the Elite Cinema on Parliament Street to see 'Earthquake' complete with some machine that, on cue' would vibrate the floor to imitate the vibrations of an earthquake. That movie starred Richard Roundtree who played Shaft in the movie of that name. Incidentally, most of Nottingham's cinemas have gone now. The Savoy on Derby Road is still operating, there is a multi theatre in what used to be Forman's printing works, now rebuilt and called the Cornerhouse. and the Showcase multip
  10. Having just watched that Cinerama trailer on my computer screen (27" iMac) it still looked good even though you could still see the joins in the film. The last Cinerama movie I ever watched was a fantasy epic about the stories of the brothers Grimm. I watched it some years ago on my old 25" Toshiba CRT set. It was a peculiar sensation as the scenes shifted from one side of the screen to the other with the vertical joins moving accordingly.
  11. Thanks, loppylugs. 24 years ago, I met an American guy at Photokina in Cologne, who told me he was (and probably still is) a cinema projectionist at a theatre in Los Angeles called 'The Egyptian'. The theatre went through a period of major refurbishment during the 90's ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grauman's_Egyptian_Theatre ) and I think even he would say that a good movie on the super widescreen would beat anything on offer today. I know we have iMax screens now but thus far have never sampled anything that's been made for iMax.
  12. I went to the Cinerama on the Forest site. They had a movie on that featured a switchback ride using 3 projectors. The screen was curved with the left projector throwing it's image to the right of the screen, the right project to left of screen and the centre as was. It was a totally immersive experience. To my way of thinking, the Odeon had the widest screen which was capable of taking Cinerama projection, but not to a curved screen. It was, however capable of taking Super Panavision movies. The 3 most memorable films I saw at the odeon were The Sound of Music (with mum), 2001 : A Space Odyss