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  1. I don't recall a green door..but i did like Barry Austens shop.Cheaper than Market Street in Nottm and i had for years a well made Norfolk jacket with all the pads & patches ( i was into Buffalo Springfield and The Downliners Sect.)
  2. This is the difficulty sometimes..the description is either wrong or incorrectly dated...
  3. Cheers Trogg..i think the old peppers shop is now a fish & chip shop.
  4. Think there is a peppers convenience store peppers still trading?
  5. A slightly hazy picture of Peppers Sweet Shop.
  6. Got most of Alan Bown stuff..Jess Roden..what a player .
  7. Very nice Oz....stop the bus i want a wee wee was sung?
  8. A great shame..as it leaves the reader wondering..i noticed Plantfit has a lot missing also.
  9. No Margie..postimage went AWOL last year for a short time..lots of pics went kaput! The hosting site does'nt take up any of NS's space..i often have a clearout of images..and they are firmly embedded on here. Carni and i commented at the same time the problem started last year.
  10. Very popular at weddings Meg..whether Hucknall ones are on sale..maybe not..unless a cottage industry type set-up is occuring..have a look online. Does jonab recall the Williams Family? Maybe i dropped a clanger yesterday..the three Williams Brothers made military uniforms throughout WW2...then again...as of late i could be wrong!
  11. Many years ago..when i lived on Oakdale Rd. I used to go to Hucknall often..to the market and in the Brickyards was a meat seller on a Sunday..the best pork steaks ever.Sad that i have not returned for a long time..as when i am over in England..i tend to see Catfan, Bookies and the pub!
  12. Geoffrey..postimage last year..were messing about..most lost the facility for a while..when it returned lots of photographs had vanished...sorry..will do a repair job- but they will be out of sequence with the captions..great pity..as gaping holes exist on many threads on NS.
  13. Indeed..a subject which i have shared also with jonab. The reason i mentioned the Army..i am sure Taylors went onto make underwear and made huge strides in production..maybe 5 or 6 textile firms operated out of Hucknall, Watnall and one in Papplewick. Sad that they closed in 1997..i must say quality clothing does last..Primark provide affordable clothes.....that become dusters or car rags after several washes. A real Galway shawl over here commands a price of €180.00.
  14. Taylors began in Edwardian times..they got a huge contract for underwear..armed forces?.did Taylors become Ewe and Jaegar?( operate from same.) I did some studies as a textile project when at Mansfield C of A...about four stone ago.
  15. Past shawl makers of Hucknall include..Taylors, Bucks, Hardys,Reynolds and Bamkins.Did i post photos of Princess Anne?..she visited Bamkins or another textile place in Hucknall..and sales rocketed!
  16. Yes..jonab thanks..my 'Ronseal'! came in a small leather Ronson case... My Mum liked Hucknall..as it was quieter than Bulwell..near the market was a tea/ cafe shop that sold bread..was that Turners?.. I'd consider living their ..pending the mood of the boss.
  17. Always a SAHB..fan...all the way to Rock Drill album... gone for this track...valour paraffin heaters and soreen malt loaves..the stuff of students!
  18. Let me have a think..i moved out of town in 1973...Hartwells for veg...Stallards changed names..bought a Ronseal lighter from a tiny Jewellers.
  19. Mrs.Peppers?..Nellie Ricks shop..had just come to mind!!
  20. There were some great Restaurants in Nottm..especially when dating a fine lady..Ben Bowers, Casa Manuel, Something Special, The Waterfall, The Beaujolais( Rex.) Le Bistro...and La Grenouille..was superb...buffalo wings and stack burgers??..not for me.
  21. Funny i could never get on with quick stage..don't feel right..i feel safer with tubes and clips etc..SGB were big at one time..my mate ran Altas years ago...though Tubitt were mad for work when i lived in Nottm.
  22. Waddo..losing me touch..its Portland Stone..duh!.thinking about those lovely 21 foots the other day..strong then though..my mate took a day off after stripping a 3 storey..complaint? Podgers Elbow.