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  1. Tallulah 52

    Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    Thank you Shirley. My mum & dad were there for 25 years & took great pride in their shop.
  2. Tallulah 52

    Portland Junior School - Glaisdale Drive

    My brother & I went to Portland Junior in 1961. I was in Mr. Denman & Mrs. Bowker's classes. I fondly remember being in the school plays, harvest festival & making paper chains at Christmas. I'm still friends with one particular girl from my time here! My mum & dad owned the fish & chip shop on Cockington Road.
  3. I went to BGS from 1963-69 & hated every single second I was there. All Dr. Peak cared about was academic results, you could count the teachers who were kind to you on one hand & Miss Thompson, the headmistress was a nasty bully who made my life a misery for 5 years. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I do not have one happy memory of my time at this institution! On the plus side I did have some nice friends- Linda Jacobs, Vanessa Ford, Lynne Fletcher, Diane Sanders