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  1. Thanks for your info Roundhead. You started in textiles same as Me I knew Morley’s at Heanor as my Grannie lived a bit further a field at Codnor We both seemed to have been fortunate in our employment as I worked for Bentley Cotton as service engineer, on installing knitting frames throughout Europe and Scandinavia. My first wife came from Barrow upon Soar What a small world what!
  2. I knew John as his family lived a few doors up from us on Melrose St in Sherwood. Remember him mainly from when he return from his National Service. Did he have a accident and the taxi turned over?
  3. MarieH A lot of teachers frequented The Old Bell pub on Angel Row which they obviously found suitable but that didn’t seem to prevent pupils from drinking ( later on in life though)
  4. How music brings back dates and events thought the years of time. For instance Buddy Holly. Remember the time he died His song at the time was “ I guess it doesn’t matter anymore”. How poignant was that. Rave on . I remember this being on the jukebox in the cafe that was on the way up to the prom at Ingoldmells. My Auntie ran a pub in Nottingham on Radford Boulevard and had various artist for the two theatres staying there. Colin Hicks (Tommy Steeles) brother was there.An African dance troupe ( bare bosomed ladies in 1959!) Gosh My cousin and I took one of the a
  5. How memories come flooding back ! Music with Mrs Jackson ( Lorna ) whose husband took PE at my former school Claremont. The school annual speech day concert based on Gilbert & Sullivan music. A little ditty we sang in music to the tune “ I wish I was in Dixie” continued with the line “ flicking peas at lorna,s bottom look away look away”. Terrible boys. The long flight of stairs up to the staff room. The outside loos brings the nowday saying of chill out more meaningful The trudge down to the Mission Hall for PT. Also remember the experiment of some of the teachers g
  6. I got the year I was there wrong and the time David was there seems more likely. I remember there was more than one pupil with that name. Did you David go to work for a company just below the Palais who made a stocking examining machine?
  7. Wasn’t the top floor The Elizabethan Room . I saw Acker Bill and The Paramount jazz band there in thr early 60s
  8. The assembly room was about half way up the corridor from Ma Norris’s office and there was another meeting place at The Mission Hall. Can anyone remember the motorised bike that (Roy) Rogers rode, Mr Ripon had an old Rover AND. Motor Bike. Whoops nearly typed in Miss Bostock as well. Mr Kerry had a smart Sunbeam Talbot and I seem to remember him colliding with a lady pedestrian near the school gates. Miss Bostock had a Ford Prefect type thing. The When we first joined we were bundled into classes. Mrs Turner was our first form teacher, Mr Pike for Maths and science Later aft
  9. First of all let me thank and congratulate all the contributors so far. I was at the school in the same class and year as Ian and Jenny along with Peter Walker, Ian Hayward, Bob Powell, Pete Barton, John Fleming John Moss etc Cant remember many girls names except Barbara Burton and her mate Christine ( must admit I was I luv with Barbara - even if it only lasted a weekend) My favourite teacher was our form master Mr G A Stamper ( Jack ). Hope this helps to jog memories.