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  1. saw Don Estelle from it aint half hot mum busking there once long after the TV series had ended
  2. roger.hill


    yes he was smallish -cant remmember the nickname though
  3. roger.hill


    There was also a guy called James(Jimmy) Barr who worked A2Bs board as well as driving.Nev Huckerbys girlfriend also worked it ,I did a bit of board work at Bar Lane . Jimmy Corbett was Scottish and lived up Top Valley .They bought a place at Nutthall -think it was going to be a redidential home
  4. roger.hill


    yes was George Gamble -he worked for DG and I believe also was at Fon a car
  5. roger.hill


    i couldnt remember his name -was a nice bloke.i assume don greenwoods also dead . Norman Shaw(Fox) also i suspect .There was a roger(call sign Oscar at a2b )and jimmy barr (think he lived in Bulwell )Trying to remember the board opeator -have a feeling the name was george gamble .
  6. roger.hill


    i remember cresta cars as i worked for them around 1980 till they merged with dg and moved to nottingham road at basford .i then went with the four guys who set up A2B taxis (nev huckerby,james corbett,norman shaw and dave ?) .Originally they worked from the Notts Hospice but later to the units at the side of Catchems and then on to Bar Lane-I left in 1985.My call sigm was Lima .Now living in Evesham i look at this and other sides and it makes me sad that all the pubs seen to have gone -no such thing in them days of sat navs -just ask the customer where was the nearest pub was to his house.It was mad at times -no speed cameras just maurauding police cars -no spped bumps either so late night speeding was common.The guy who owned cresta chose me and a lad(John) from Hucknall to do the cars for his daughters wedding at the Park Taven.Think he moved to Gunthorpe