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hi to all members i wonderd if any members went to scyamore girls school senior in the late 50s early 60s we used to have needle work with mrs stanley some of the girls and myself did a large picture of the taj mahal all in beads and needle work it was in silver/gold thead can any one remember this it was put in a glass frame and placed in the hall i belive our school is now an hindo temple.

mary 1947

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Well i'm sorry to not get a reply to above topic

BUT I am also a member of St Ann's pre-demolition group, it came to the notice of one of the addmin staff Tony Miller, you see before the Taj Mahal was done there was also about 10/12  harlequin hand crafted tapestry very modern works of art, they were framed and they used to hang in the big hall. 

 St Ann's valley, new site member, Rob Bird contacted Tony a couple days ago and told him that three large wall pictures (56x20) in their stores he believe's  that they were created by the old Sycamore Girls. 19/50s60s  and would the group like them or they were going into a skip. Tony of cause said yes, Tony and myself have being trying to find a permeant place for these pieces of art. I myself e-mailed Nottingham City council house, but no joy they did not reply, also e-mailed local area councillor as before no reply. Tony tried art galleries but hit a brick wall, Tony also ask at a new build Sycamore school, if they were interested but we had to wait till they had a meeting. At last we had a reply the school wanted to display them and at last they had a home. 

Now I have taken photos of the 3 tapestry's but don't know to get them on to our site as after the story I thought you might to see them. If any member can tell me how to post pictures I will send my thanks. Failing that I will hopefully be at our meeting.

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I was speaking to a friend earlier today. We worked together many years ago.  As a result of sitting the 13plus examination, she was transferred to Manning Grammar School, which she hated.  I didn't realise that, prior to moving, she attended Sycamore School which she loved. This would be in the early 50s.


She told me that the school was very Arts oriented and, in her second year there, she produced a play! She still loves needlework and tapestry.


I have to admit that I had never heard of Sycamore School, so I looked it up on here. Exactly where was it?

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HI JILL  ahhh yes Sycamore School for Girls it was on Sycamore Rd which went St Anns Well rd to Corpration rd to Sycamore Rd which went on to Woodbrough rd . 

Your friend must have been there when I was yes we did a lot of needlework and art work, Mrs Alford and Mrs Stanley were at the time our teachers. 

If you go to St Anns predemolition web site it tells you all about Sycamore, the old school is still there but is no longer a school but the new Sycmore is an acadamy.

The Tapestries that we did in needlel work were of clowns/manikins all done with pride and hard work each bead sown on by hand tp put the icing on the cake we allso did a tapestrie  of the TAI MAHAL this was all sown in deep blue and silver. A few year ago one of our St Ann's members came across a skiip  and in it were some of our Tapestries, he asked if he could have them as his wife also went to Sycamore. We cleaned them up and after asking Sycamore Academy if they would find some were to display them, they now have there own space and underneath are the words,

  "ART AND NEEDLEWORK BY UNKNOWN SYCAMORE GIRLS with ART teachers Mrs Stanley & Ms Alfred in the 1950/1960s "


if your friend would like to see them hopefully after this virus is sorted to contact the school anymore info just e-mail message me. 

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Thanks for your information, Mary. My friend was born in 1940 and, presumably, commenced Sycamore in 1951. That may be slightly earlier than yourself. I think the move to Manning came in 1954 which would have been in her third year. She didn't want to move and, presumably, no one could have forced her but I suppose her parents agreed that she should.  I think it ruined her school years as she loved Sycamore so much.

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So sorry for your friend i myself think its teacher that make a school, if they make lesson's interesting then you learn, I went to Scyamore in 1957/58 must ceck my maths ? 

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