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I have just been reading the topic,

The Trent Embankment, started by Guest-a5h4w, on May 31st 2004,08:59pm and on some of the post's there are photo's,but when i click on them, nothing comes up,are they still around or gone for good.

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Not many people banned from this site, so you wont find much.

Its got rid of pretty quickly if we do have a problem. Good team on here you know.

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Even if someone hasn't been banned, photos can disappear if they are moved or deleted by the person who posted them. You get warning messages if they've gone from Flickr or Photobucket, but that's not the case in this instance. It must've been a direct link to where they were stored by the owner, and that link no longer exists.

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The above photo is more or less how I remember it..
When you stop and think it was a treacherous river to be hiring out row boats to the public, even in the 60s it had a fast flowing current, you wouldn't have stood much chance in a capsize or whatever, unless you happened to be a strong swimmer .. couldn't see it being allowed nowadays..


This photo is from the 50s but it looked more or less the same as this during the 60s .. including the swans!

Its a PtP link and the 'hotlinked' image has been moved or deleted by PtP.

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