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Does anyone on here know anything about Cyril Stapleton, the bandleader, born in Nottingham? He was my wife's brother-in-law. There doesn't seem to be much about him on the internet. It would be good if anyone had any information about him.

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Moz , there has already been a thread about Stapletons here , that mentions Cyril .

Real name Horace Cyril Stapleton born 1914 on Woodborough Rd, Mapperley .

Fathers name also Horace who married an Annie Buck in 1912 . There seems to be have been a brother called John , born in 1915 .

Anyone with access, it would be interesting to see where Horace Stapleton and Annie Buck were on the 1911 Census. ( They married in 1912).

Once living on Woodborough Rd, I would love to know what number he was born at .

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A bit more internet info on Cyril Stapleton .

This page from a book saying that in the early 60s he lived with his wife Sheila and daughter Carole (Cat) and twin boys Jonathan and Garry in Kippington, Kent .,&source=bl&ots=nqmvmtzaxH&sig=fMzJdUOo3mabEmC-degXmYf_NiM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Ykf4UZbQPOTC0QXw8oGoDQ&ved=0CDIQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=%22cyril%20stapleton%22%20daughter%20carole%20%2C&f=false

Picture of his wife and children on the birth of the twins

and a further piece on his life and a quest for some Matt Monro lost tapes

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A bit more info that may interest StephenFord (as he has a connection to the street ! ) .

Although google says Cyril Stapleton was born on Woodborough Rd by 1932 he was living at No 14 , Franchise Terrace ,Westminster Street, St Anns . These edited snippets from the Post

In the homely drawing-room of a working-class house in Nottingham, I have just been listening to a Dvorak concerto,
played supremely well by 17- year-old, living Franchise-terrace, Westminster-street, he has gained more musical honours and been more widely experienced in his art than any other boy in England (writes a "Post" reporter).
Through the kindly patronage of the
Nottingham Education Committee.....pupil, Cyril Stapleton. Even then he was not the complete artist. He won one of the
few maintenance scholarships at the Trinity College of Music, giving him free tuition and a grant to pay the expenses of his
living in London. .......From the front room of No. 14, the strains of a Bach concerto crept soothingly about me. .
Nottingham Evening Post
PRODIGY. Cyril Stapleton, brilliant 17-year-old Nottingham violinist, whose parents live in humble surroundings in
Franchise-terrace, Westminster-street, has been chosen from 700 candidates as one of the members of the new B.B.C. Dance
Nottingham Evening Post
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