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Hi Mick, :D

Was interested to see you mention a pal of my partners from Trent Bridge School.

His name is Alan Haywood & Andy hasn't had any contact with Alan since about 1970. We were just wondering if you or anyone using this site had heard or seen anything of him in recent years. We would be very pleased to receive any news at all. Love this site,only recently disovered it. We are in Australia so we love any mention of Nottingham & the Meadows.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hello Caz

If it's the same Alan Haywood who worked for Trevethick, I hav'nt seen

him since about 1972. We all had scooters. I remember standing on the balcony of the Union Rowing Club, when I heard the loud revving of a Lambretta engine. Unmistakable profile of Alan, no helmet hurtling across Trent Bridge from

the Meadows direction. Unfotunately the brakes were not in as good condition as the accelerator cable. He hit he back end of a vehicle on the Bridgeford side. No serious injury though, might have landed on is ed' ;)

I wonder whatever happened to him?

If I remember right asn't Alans Sister (Jean?) Big Geoff (Garner's) Girlfriend.

Some kind of Durhan Connection?

What were your connections with Alan I might know you or your partner.

You might know me from The Slipper, where I was the DJ

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:D G'day Mick

Great to receive your reply. Mmm sounds like the same Alan Haywood to us, he certainly had a sister, but as to her name we aren't sure. They lived on Woodward Street in the Meadows.As to the connection, my partner Andy Molik, was a friend of his along with a heap of others, Stenneth Gordon,Richard Greatorex,to name a couple all jack the lads from Trent Bridge School 66/70.

The Molik boys[6 of them] lived on Orange street, & 4 of them emigrated along with there parents to Melbourne in 1970. A couple of the boys left a few months later, you may remember them, as the Meadows was a relatively small area in which to move around. I only went to the slipper once & that was to see a band i think? so i wouldn't know you from there, what year were you at Trent Bridge??

Caz B)

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Hello again Caz

I left in 1968 having stayd on for fifth year. In my class were Satish Bedi, Mick Jennings, Ken Henstock, Paul Parkin, and 'Mush' Alseybrook, to name but a few.

I wll probably edit this post and add others as I remember them.

Leaving 68 puts me 1 or 2 years ahead of you, depends if you stopped on?

Therefore I may even know you. Andy' is a familiar name to me, as is ,Richard Greatorex?.

Orange street, did'nt that run down from Arkwright Street to Bunbury Street.

I knew a Ken Dawkins who lived on Bunbury Street. access to his rear yard was

on the right t the bottom of Orange Street?

The slipper when I went there originally had a few minor classic local bands on.

'Six Across' and Sons & Lovers, to name but few. The Slipper was better known for Jazz and Blues on a Saturday Nights. Try searching the web for 'Swinging Slipper' or 'Dancing Slipper', you will find a few CD's recorded live there, by Major Jazz artists of the period.

In my times as DJ there, Cozy Powell played live.

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Hello Mick,

Andy & myself left school in 1970 so we are actually younger than somebody............yippee!!!! LOL.

As I told you there were 6 Molik boys,George,Martin, Peter,Andy & 2 younger boys who you wouldnt know. I would think that Pete Molik was probably around your age & at Trent Bridge around the same time? He is now a copper here in Victoria. Yes, Orange street was where you remember it. I lived over Arkwright St in Ryehill Terrace which was off Ryehill st where the Greyhound pub was, I have spent many an hour with my dad drinking Portello & eating crisps with the little blue bag of salt, do you remember them? Richard Greatorex had at least one brother who I know had a motorbike accident,Terry I think? Never really went to the Slipper on a regular basis I led a very sheltered childhood!!

Santa Fe' was my excitement for the week. I remember seeing the Fe' with the lights on once & I was so shocked it was Just a shed!!! ;)



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Hi Caz..

Just noticed your reference to Ryehill terrace.. I too lived on there with my grandparents the Hodsons during the mid 50s to early 60s at number 11 which was situated next to the entry leading through onto Arkwright street.

names I remember are Barry Straw, John Hawley, Mrs. Walker, Mrs.Upex, Michael Betts? ..and was it Phil Hall who had the fruiter business ?

Saturdays was always chocka with cars parking up for the Notts County match, and we only had to linger a few moments before we were given a tanner or a bob for looking after the owners motors.. as if we cared! .. it was straight round to Tophams paper shop just around the corner on Arkwr.street for choc and pop galore!

Bobby Topham was an aquaintance at the time, we would regularly watch tv at his house on their massive 17" tv. what a treat that was, as tellies were a bit thin on the ground in those days..

and did anyone ever penetrate the defences of the almshouses stockade?

if ever you had occasion to retreive a ball or whatever from the grounds you were always treated to a tirade of abuse from the residents, who would smartly trounce you from their midst!

NO HAWKERS, BEGGERS, OR DOGS ! was the welcome on their gate..

strange how dogs could read in those days! :)

BTW. The Greyhound pub is now 'The Globe'.



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G'day Ilkolad, :D

Great to receive your reply what a small world, I lived at Number 10 Ryehill Terrace,before the entry. What year did you leave ? As I recall a couple of Irish boys lived at number 11 in about 1967 to 1972 ish? Were they related to you at all? Barry Straw certainly rings a few bells, I seem to remember his mum Mrs Straw, her name was a familiar name to me but why I dont know. Phil Hall was the fruiterer, I can see his yard now. I remember the very tall Jamaican lady that lived on Rye hill Terrace too & a couple of old spinsters whose names escape me. I also lived on Rye hill street @ # 6 & lived exactly opposite the old Almshouses & remember the NO HAWKERS NO BEGGARS NO DOGS sign on the gate as clear as day. Can you enlighten me as to what exactly the Almshouses were ? as a child I remember my mum telling me that one of the old residents had a metal plate in his head presumbly from the war? A vivid memory for me is getting ready for bonfire night & building the bonfire in the middle of the terrace, all the kids that lived on the Terrace added to it with cornflake boxes tea packets bits of wood etc. in readiness for November 5th. Good memories.My partner swears the bike in the pic you posted of Ryehill Terrace was his!!!! Lol


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Hi Ilkolad,

Sorry forgot to mention that the Tophams who owned the newsagency, also had a daughter & they gave my mum a heap of clothes for me which I loved, especially the very sexy black swimsuit with the lace insert which I wore for swimming lessons at the Portland baths, I felt so good in that swimsuit but probably looked ridiculous!!!


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Hi Caz..

totalling up, and working it out, I reckon we left Ryehill around 1959.. moving to Sutton street on the other side of the canal, next to the Notts County Football club, living there right up until the early seventies..

it was from there I would wend my way everyday to TB school, up to my leaving in 63.. (yep THAT old)! ;)

number 10 Ryehill t. where you lived was occupied by Mrs.Upex at the time, she was either Polish or Ukranian .. and Barry Straw lived at the extreme end next to the high wall, with John Hawley living next door to him..

Mrs. Walker was number 12 next to us, her son had been killed in the war, and she would often give me toys that had belonged to him.. there are other faces I remember but can't put a name to.

It would be nice to know what happened to the Tophams.. I can't remember Bobby ever attending Trent Bridge school (Mundella perhaps)?

and Portland baths, well, I can smell the chlorine even now! :unsure:

There's some info on the Burtons Almshouses.HERE

And the pic below is Ryehill in its final stages, I estimate around 74/75.

our house was 5th down looking from this end....



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Ilkolad :D

Did I get a lovely surprise when I logged in today & you had updated your last email with a pic of Ryehill Terrace .....sob sob I am so nostalgic, never seen it from this angle I can even see my bedroom window! The Almshouses attachment was very interesting too,funny thing is I had forgotten or didn't realise [not sure which] that they backed onto London road, what a small sheltered world we lived in then hey? I remember the bonfires we used to have in the Terrace too, god knows how we managed it, it'a a wonder we didnt set the houses on fire!! I left the Terrace in about 72 I think? we had rats coming out of the drains & somehow they even managed to get into the cupboards,it makes my skin crawl. Didn't realise they were demolished in 74 I thought it would have been earlier though there were quite a few people living in the terrace when we left.



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Deja Vue?

Where was this ryhill terrace?

The street & van seems familiar to me, I remember a girls dad chasing me in one

similar in 1968, when I called on her.

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I remember seeing the Fe' with the lights on once & I was so shocked it was Just a shed!!!

Santa Fe'

Caz now your talking.

That place formed my taste in music which lasted till today.

Apart from all the Motown & comercial stuff, many forgotten

but excellent tracks were played.

I have spent the last 36 years collecting tracks from that era.

Once on Vinyl but now on mp3.

I must do a list.

Many of these you would recognise when you heard them,

But would not have heard them anywhere else but Santa Fe'

I might even post a few for download


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Where was this ryhill terrace?

Ryehill terrace was situated directly behind the almshouses on London road.. a high wall with broken glass atop seperated the two ..

inside the 'compound' of the almshouses was a magnificent garden, with trees, rose bushes, all manner of plants and flowers, and an immaculately cut lawn, all of which was constantly being attended to by council gardeners..

Not many people had privvy to gaze on this oasis of calm and tranquility, as it was not their want that the residents encouraged visitors, especilly HAWKERS, BEGGERS, DOGS, KIDS, and the like..

If it wasn't for the fact one or two of us unruly urchins had penetrated this haven, little would have been known of its splendour and magnificence even to this day..

on 'this' side of the wall was a different scene, weeds, cobbles, gas tar, and as Caz mentions in her posting - rats!

I remember at one stage my grandad having to fill a rathole with glass to stop the beasties emerging.. strange how the council weren't in attendace addressing that little problem! - too busy mowing lawns nodoubt! <_<


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It's not the street I was thinking of that was located, from Wilford Crescent West,

Through Collingham footway, straight ahead then last road on the left opposite

an old picture house? just before a major road junction, turning left there

took you to Queens drive police station on the left corner.

Ad me air cut & Me brains goin' Didnt we have an old map link somewhere here ?

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Guest smithylass

oh i feel very emotional !!!blimey i NEVER wanted to leave the terrace....i would love to turn the clock back,they were such happy days.

When we lived at 10 rhyhill terrace i rem the alley way and then the irish boys the other side.

i remember mamhood and shufcock !!! they were an asian family,also mrs straw who gave me a bracelet!! and the arms houses...we went in there a few times to get our ball was like another world..

i also remember jenny howe whos mum and dad was des and joanne they lived on rhyhill terrace she was my best friend...i wonder what happened to her....

And i rem the fruit shop to at the bottom of the terrace...

when we had to leave to move to a house with an inside loo and bathroom well we thought we had won the pools,but i still hated leaving...

we left so much behiind because of the rats !!! we had a cupboard with so many toys in but mum wouldnt let us go in there incase we got big as dogs she said !!!!

i rem my sis caz going to santa fe...i ofcourse was far to young to go :P

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Hi ya Smithylass.. and welcome!

Ryehill at the time was a way of life, and was all we knew.. the rats!.. the outside loos.. the cramped environment.. BUT would you swap it for todays way of living?

indoor toilets, central heating etc.. I bet you wouldn't!

where it did excel was in it community spirit, everybody was in the same boat, everyone knew everyone else and we all suffered the same fate..

Personally I have lived in my present location for over twenty years, and if pushed could not give you the names of residents other than a couple of doors away..

Its the way it is! .. is it better?.. is it worse? .. whats your thoughts ??


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Hi Smithylass


Around 1964 at TB, A guy called Mahmood Hussain was our first Pakistani pupil. I wonder if it's the same mahmood.

You really were someone if you were mates with Mahmood. He did this weird trick of turning his eylids inside out. I was told some years go he died in a fire! I have been unable to confirm this, I hope it's not true. :(

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G'day Mick

Just chatting with my partner & recalling some of the music from the Fe'. We remember Michael Jackson's ABC, the girls used to dance in a circle to that one & we all knew the hand movements that went with it too.

I have a couple of musical memories which I directly associate with the Fe' & am very nostalgic about. The 1st is "Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman & the 2nd is the "Harlem Shuffle" I LOVE that song & didn't hear it for years & years, mind you living in Oz didn't help!! Other songs we remember are Wet Dream, that was very naughty at the time, Return of Django by ?? Guns of Navarone by ?? Young Gifted & Black & of course the Israelites by Desmond Dekker, I could go on but I won't . Great memories form a very special time. When we visited Nottm last year Andy found his old school chum from Trent Bridge, he was working at the social club in the Medders, & they hadn't been in contact for about 34 yrs. You can imagine how special that was. Just before Andy had left for Oz in 1970 he & his mate had swopped a couple of 45's, well Andy kept the singles he had borrowed & took them to Oz, & when he visited the Meadows he took the 45's to his old mate, well the icing on the cake was that his mate was thrilled to get them back & promptly switched on the cassette tape & played the exact same songs that had just been delivered to him!!



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Return of Django by (Lee 'Scratch' Perry) The upsetters (Trojan Label)

Guns of Navarone by Skatalites (Trojan Label)

Young Gifted & Black Bob & Marcia (Trojan Label)

Lee Perry was 'the' Pioneer of Ska the foreruner of Reggae in the UK.

Not to be confused with 'The Pioneers' of 'Long Shot Kick the Bucket Fame',

probably one of the first hit Reggae records in the UK, again Trojan Records.

Very Popular were the Tighten Up series of Reggae hit Sampler albums.

(I you could afford 14/6d)

The best seller being...

Tighten Up Vol 2

Record date : 1969

Playlist :

Pioneers - Longshot Kick De Bucket

Rudy Mills - John Jones

King Stitt - Fire Corner

Soul Sisters - Wreck A Buddy

Dandy - Reggae In Your Jeggae

Clancy Eccles - Fattie Fattie

Upsetters - Return Of Django

Kingstonians - Sufferer

Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover

Bleechers - Come Into My Parlour

Soulmates - Them A Laugh And A Kiki

Upsetters - Live Injection

Reggae Boys - Mama Look Deh

Harry J All Stars - Liquidator

John Holt - Ali Baba

Boris Gardiner - Elizabethan Reggae

Hippy Boys - Doctor No Go

Ethiopians - Woman Capture Man

Richard Ace - Hang 'em High

Maytals - Pressure Drop

Winston Wright - Moonlight Groover

Derrick Morgan - Hold Your Jack

Carl Bryan - Soul Scorcher

Jj All Stars - Memphis Underground Part 1

Conquerors - If You Can't Beat Them

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