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I've just come across a couple of old photos of the shop my mother had in Sherwood on the corner of Marshall Street and Hood Street. We moved there in July 1961 and left in 1967. The photos probably date from 1962 or 1963. It wasn't long before the street lighting was modernised.

The advertising signs visible were almost all in place when we moved in and they just stayed there - I don't remember us selling Lipton's Tea or Colman's Starch, nor Player's Bachelor Tipped cigarettes.

Note the traditional jars of sweets visible, and the advert for Wall's Split, which I think were a new thing then. Iced lollipops - I suppose I should say suckers on here - with ice cream in the middle. Orange or raspberry flavours I think. We stopped selling ice cream after a few years as my mother said the ice cream vans (e.g. Mr. Whippy) were taking the trade away.

That whole block was later demolished - I last went around there in, I think, the 1980s and there was just an empty space. No doubt something else has been built there now.


This photo shows my mother and grandmother outside the shop.


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Thanks for that, Cliff - so nothing has been built there!

In particular, thanks for finding the photo on that link. The top floor window in the gable end was my bedroom! So the old advertising signs had gone by 1975 although it looks as if may still have been a shop of some kind.

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