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Much in the news is the "decline" in what is collectively called "the High Street".

Mike Ashley ( love him or loath him, he knows the contemporary business world), has produced an interesting solution. He suggests that any company that produces more than a certain percentage of its TOTAL profits via online sales, should be compelled to have a high street presence. This is from a tycoon who has made his fortune based on the internet.

Should there be a solution or will we allow the market jungle to self regulate ?

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I was in H of F last week, and on leaving the cafe, went towards where the lovely towels and bedding used to be displayed. 

Damn me, there was a cheap display of trainers ! What next, Everlast and Lonsdale track suits ? 

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Interesting, fly. I wonder how House of Fraser staff will react to their imminent zero-hours contracts.

But give Ashley his due, his proposal contains concern that shopping is changing, and fast.

I no longer live in the city but remember Nottingham as a vibrant pleasant place to follow the other half as she delightedly tripped from one store to another.

I reason that, as always, market forces will win the day, but this is not a bad thing. The focus will be on personal services ie., nail bars, hairdressers, cafes, barbers, restaurants, jewellers and very high end clothing stores. People will still want an outside social experience.

I fear that some more long established names, eg. Debenhams, will bite the dust, but in time these will be replaced by different, more dynamic enterprises.

Also, if Amazon , who make colossal profits from online retail, were compelled to have high street stores, what interesting places they would be.

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