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Glaisdale teachers

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1959-63  Teachers I remember are Mr Dobby,Mr Parkin-Marshall,Mr Wardman,Miss Dove,Mr Dixon,Mr Sadler,Mr Davies (deputy head)Maurice Unwin (headmaster) Mr Viles,Mr Frost,Mr Sullivan,Mr Hailey,Mr Baker,Miss Rose,Miss Vernon,Mrs Kershaw.

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I remember Mr Lockwood who was a maths teacher. He ran the photography club and I was a member.

He also worked with Mr Viles in metalwork where they invented a simple computer.

This was 1961 and the computer parts were really simple relays which loads of lads made from simple materials.

After months of construction with circuit boards each about three feet long put together with wires, the computer counted to ten

in binary by lighting up torch bulbs. Main motivation was building sub circuits which earned a house point each!

the good old days.

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I was taught history by Mr Sadler who was also my house teacher. He was a lovely man and a great favourite with all his O-level history group. Derek Parkin Marshall taught music and I will be eternally grateful to him for introducing me to classical music, a love which is still with me 60 years on.  I also remember Mr Evans (geography) and Miss Rose (science).

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