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Hello Dennis

I have just been talking to the secretary and she has passed on you e-mail to me.

You were inquiring when the school was opened.

The first part of the building opened in 1953 as the Portland Infants school that is the teaching block ( C ) and the wood work and metal work rooms as you will remember them.

The William Sharp School opened in September 1955 when the rest of the buildings had been completed and Portland had moved back to their own building just down the road from Sharp. The official opening of Sharp took place in November 1956.

The then school badge if you remember was shield shaped quartered and coloured black and green with a white stripe across the middle. This may be explained as follows: the black represents the industrial part of Nottingham in particular the coal industry ie Wollaton pit and Kimberley worked either end of the same seam and the school stands on a very thin layer which is just under the surface of the landscape. The green represents the green belt and Bilborough Road is the dividing line between the two. The wavy white stripe is the river Trent and the 3 crowns represent the 3 Dukedoms which all meet in Nottingham.

I hope that the above information is of interest to you.

I have been a teacher at the school for the past 32 years and retire tomorrow and hope to write a short history of the school in the not too distant future especially as the school is to be rebuilt and opened by 2009 hopefully.

Yours sincerely

Grayham Allenby


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Do we know how Graham is doing with his book.?

We would be happy to promote it.

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