Rufford Primary - Bulwell; Mr Cook (e)

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As some will know, I'm researching the history of Berridge Road School staff.  However, members may be able to help with information on a Mr Cook(e) who was a teacher in the junior school during the early 60s. I believe he left around 1966 to take up a headship elsewhere in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.


Our member Letsavagoo recalls meeting him some years later when he visited a school. Problem is, we have no name or initials for this chap and nor do we know the name of the school of which he was head.


Does anyone recall him from their school days?  I am fairly sure he's deceased by now but it would be nice to include him in my list if only I could obtain further information on him.


Letsavagoo could, I'm sure, add a physical description of this chap.


Any help would be appreciated. If you know anything, see me! ;)

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It was a school in Bulwell where he was head Jill. Probably a newer school, nothing like an old Berridge type building. One of those single storey rubbish buildings, on Crabtree or Snape Wood estates 1977-9. I try and find a photo albeit from 50 odd years ago. 

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It has been established that Mr Cook/e was appointed head of Rufford Primary School, which was on Quarry Road in Bulwell around the time he took up the post in 1966. The school was later rebuilt on Hoewood Road, where it still stands today.


Letsavagoo may post a photograph which shows Mr Cook/e.


If anyone has any memories of him or can shed any light on his first name/s, this would assist my research into Berridge staff of years gone by.

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