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Yes I just read about that.


I have been to Scunthorpe and it’s not half as bad as people make it out. I dined in McDonalds there and chose from the gourmet menu.


I’ve re emailed to and it seems to be sitting in my sent box now so I await a possible reply.

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I have received a reply to my email to to Bunny Local History Society as follows:


The house that you refer to is the war time women’s land army hostel ‘Memoires de Ma Mere’. It belonged to a Mrs Roberts and was requisitioned in 1941. To home 28 girls. At some time after the war it was partially rebuilt and remains today as a private home.

There is more information in the Bunny village book which can be found in the local library’s.


I hope the above is helpful to you.


Kind regards  Roger Sewell


It's a start but doesn't fully answer the query. The Bunny village book can be purchased from the local history society for about £8 but can also be bought at the local filling station on Loughborough Rd. if anyone wishes to drive there and delve deeper. He says 'Mrs Roberts' but we already know she was Miss Gregg Roberts. I await info. from the first person to buy the book!

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You can buy ‘Bunny- images of the past’ on Amazon for £20! but the history society website says it can be bought from the local garage for £8. Next time I’m passing I’ll take a sneaky look at it unless someone here beats me to it. I have no reason to otherwise do the 40+ mile round trip!

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