Poll Tax Demos!

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  • 8 years later...

I remember a few things about the poll tax,more property and possession taken by bailiffs in Nottm than Merseyside!! The firm that took misfortunate peoples belongings was opposite Turner's bakery..the windows were often smashed. A central TV documentary showed an "auction" of non payers records and HiFi equipment.. A scummy manager at boots island st. was filmed bidding.. and he was minted and living in Bestwood village!!

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I remeber the implimentation of the PT vividly. In 1989 we were preparing to emigrate and kept getting these silly forms to register myself amd family for the dreaded tax, knowing we were leaving the country soon , I, being a bit of a rebel at heart, filled the form with a set of ficticious names such as Michael Mouse, Minnie Mouse etc.

We left and never gave it another thought, a few months later my mum rang in a panic as I had been summonded to a court appearance due to my sillyness !

Anyway after a few long distance phone calls and a stautory dec. from me, stating I no longer resided in the UK, they dropped the thing, we had a good few laughs after the event, think my mum was more worried than me ! I kept telling her they wouldn't extradite me over such a silly issue.

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