Ariba Away Day Circa.1981. Do you know anyone here ?

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Paul Mckenzie in the cork hat Nicky Palmer on his right in the leather jacket

Thanks for the memory Paul

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The girl to the left of Paul on second row was called Kathy, the girl to the left of her was her mate (name?) they were friends of a dark haired girl called jean, who lived near me on Primrose (cres?) carlton, and was last seen working at B&Q.

I tried to upload a larger image size, but photobucked scaled it down.

Anyone know a site that allows larger image size?

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Another picture A La Paul, who says...

"Another shot of the bus trip with perhaps more identifiable faces - The older guy in the light green jacket and brown trousers (from the left, six from the guy with the cameras) was called "Len" the oldest member of the Arriba who was always treated with the greatest of respect, always kept himself to himself, always on his own and everyone had time to say hello to him.

Not only is Paul Mackenzie wearing a cork hat, so is Colin (wearing a black corky) he was the chef at Annabels and had gone missing for most of the day - anyone remember why? Next to Colin is Tony Clarke wearing a brown corky. Tony later became the manager of Annabels following in the footsteps of his brother, Mick. Two to the right of Tony wearing the blue shirt is John Maloney who was then the Assistant manager of the Arriba. Second from the left on the front row is a guy called Clive sitting next to Julia who used to live in Nuthall.

On the front row second guy from the right is Bren Donahue who, as far as we know is now a licensee in Derby - although before that Brenwas licensee of the Q.E. Behind Bren, wearing the shades is Bill Smith. What a great crowd - who ever heard of the staff and customers of a night club going on a regular day trips together?

It wasn't so much a night club more of a sort of "extended family" - anyone feel the same?


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ooh yeah Paul couldn't agree more

It took a few looks to realize that was Bren, before he dyed his hair blond (Who as far as I remember was the first to call it 'Jurrasic Park') As I said "Happy Days"

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