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Hi all as i read the Nottingham Evening Post last night i was very pleased to see that some of this historic brewery has gained listed status. !clapping!

The only down side is, is that its only the Maltings thats gained the status but i guess its something. But as people will know it tends not to mean a lot!!!!!

It only needs some pond life to light a match and sit an watch it burn down then nothing stands in the way of the the housing developers :angry:

It was quite funny to see some of the people in the picture outside the brewery (see link), there is a guy in the pic his name is Roy Plumb he owns an old shop in Kimberley that sells everything!!! I went in there a few months back to try and get some information on the breery and pretty much got fobbed off, he's the chairman of the historical society !!!! Nice one, its funny how some people only want to know when there's a bit of publicity oh well.

See the link from the Evening post.

The young un !englandflag!

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Nice one, typical that those asset strippers from Greene King are the only one's wingeing and moaning about it. I assume that GK ripped out the brewing equipment PDQ to make it more difficult for the whole site to be listed.

What happened to their promise to make it a distribution depot and keep local people employed, the same promise they didn't keep at our local brewery, which I note has been sold off to a development company for conversion to housing, nice one.

Perhaps if all you people on here refuse to buy GK beer and it's pretend real ale lies, and tell your mates not to, then the company will get the kick up the backside it deserves.

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Its crazy isn't it, the last few lines!!!

Yeh GK ripped everything out its trashed inside. Im slowly trying to download pics to my photobucket account of the past and present brewery pics.

Its mental they said they would carry on distributing from the Kimberley site and then closed the place down to use a substandard old ryal mail werehouse whic has terrible access, they don't have the machinary they had at kimberley etc.

GK are even bringing old gk dray waggons down here and taking the newer Haerdys and HAnsons waggons to bury!!!!!!

I hate them and certainly wont be buying any prdoucts from them!!!!! :angry2:

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GK are even bringing old gk dray waggons down here and taking the newer Haerdys and HAnsons waggons to bury!!!!!

Thats interesting, I wonder if they'll keep the Hardy Hansons name on the side, it should be fun to see them trotting around Bury St Edmunds, assuming that they haven't sold off the horses to some continental butcher, I wouldn't put it past them.

Our greatest fear is that GK will attempt to take over Adnams, our last major family run brewery in East Anglia, I'm sure that GK must be trying their hardest to infiltrate and destroy the company, it's in their nature, it must be hard to have a Suffolk county rival that produces bloody good beer without having to lie about it's origins.

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...Our greatest fear is that GK will attempt to take over Adnams, our last major family run brewery in East Anglia...

Really do hope favourite tipple, bar none...


Robt P.

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Hi I live on brewery street next to the old brewery and am trying to work out the history of the site including the old breweries ( both ) and the railway stations nearby...Any informatin you can offer would be fantastic.....hope to hear soon thanks....YES lets keep the brewery buiding in place...we've already lost one of them.

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Well, the bridge that I think still survives over the cutting just east of the old brewery was MR number 14, I've just peered in my shed and checked with the original bridge plate. I also have the plate off Awsworth Viaduct which was GNR number 1, the first crossing gate up the line from the viaduct was also number 1, a diferent type of plate design and stamped GNR as well.

I also have some large posters from Newthorpe and Greasley station advertising trips to Goose Fair as well as away matches to see Forest, County and Mansfield.

Unfortunately, AOL are really messing me about at the moment and I can't e-mail, get photos or send anything, try and sort it out and all you get is a load of pidgin English from Katmandu, it's a disgrace.

Have you looked at the 1885 map on, zoom in and it gets interesting.

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I've been looking at the Greene King website to see if they are prepared to publish their intentions with regard to Kimberley, but of course they won't. When Ridleys was destroyed, I was working for a sympathetic property developer and we pestered the gits with phone calls in order to pretend to make an offer. They swallowed the bait and we got some interesting insider information, all they were interested in was making a killing on a housing deal, the money that they wanted was way beyond the reccomended re-sale price, it's just been sold, I hope they made a massive loss.

I notice that they are currently negotiating to purchase Loch Fyne Restaurants, that'll be nice, call in at Loch Fyne to buy some kippers and get GK IPA rammed down your throat, is nowhere safe from these vultures. Perhaps they'll start smoking Loch Fyne Kippers at Bury St Edmunds, well, why not, what does it matter to them, with a bit of luck they'll make a mistake and burn their greedy little empire down.

Incidentally, have you seen the report for the Hardy Hansons site on Broxtowe's planning pages, some nice, but sad pictures, it seems that they are promoting the site to be used for housing, in this climate, that suggests it will be derelict for years.

Thank you GK, without your shareholder, profit making interference I'm sure that a thriving brewery would still be operating in Kimberley and that experienced talented people would be rightfully employed instead of stocking shelves at B&Q.

Please note that Ruddles and Old Speckled Hen, promoted as 'Real Ale' is in fact contrived urine made by these people, DO NOT BUY IT.

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Hi fynger not a problem with the photos etc i will be in touch over pm.

Ferbeck your right ive looked at greene kings website for months and there's never any info on there and as daft as it sound i go past nearly everyday to see if anything has changed!!! One day ill go and it will be rubble as thats the type of company they are, to not tell anyone until the bull doozers move in. A sad day that will be imissyou

Firbeck i have seen the broxtowe planning brief it makes for an interesting read.

Like ive said before ill put all the pics i have of the brewery on my photobucket page asap, but having seen a post about flickr i might move them all to there.

The young un


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Not all the gear was ripped out by GK the Police caught a gang of tealeafs helping them selves to what was left. It is is a pitey GK did not find the book on how to brew Kimberley Ale theirs is Cxxp

I expect the tealeafs were probably GK shareholders helping themselves.

I suspect that GK have indeed got the book and that we will soon be seeing Kimberley Classic on the shelves of Tescos and at their own 'Real Ale' festivals. All beer festivals in this part of the world have a ban on GK products, I gather that last year GK claimed to have won a CAMRA award, it's on their self congratulatory website, but CAMRA strongly deny it and accuse them of manipulating the truth, what a surprise.

With the best will in the world, it's impossible to recreate an old established beer in another brewery, miles away from it's source of origin, there are so many local factors that contribute to the taste of a particular beer, you cannot make Ruddles or Kimberley Bitter in Bury St Edmunds and expect it to be the same, it's just a marketing ploy that the big supermarkets are happy to go along with, they are as bad as the conmen that get away with it, I repeat, don't buy it, then they might change their tune.

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Very interesting about the contrived urine in Speckled hen, thought at the time I was downing my sixth pint there was a hint of a familiar taste.

It saddens me some that in the Shaftsbury club that I frequent twice and sometime thrice a week they sell Kimberly bitter and mild as well as Mansfield bitter and mild, fosters crap and Strongbow on draught….looks like I shall in future be mostly drinking the Guinness.


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So where is all this Kimberley and Mansfield contrived rubbish coming from, certainly not from where it should be, perhaps you should suggest to the owners that they should find another supplier and pour this trash down the drain where it belongs, I'm sure that Nethergate, Shepherd Neame and Adnams would love to provide something decent, you would appreciate it too.

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