Bill Trevor and Amber Vandella

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Was it the Thurland or the Clinton where I used to go on a Sunday to see the Girls perform, the one opposite the fire station..had some good Sunday lunches in there. I did organise a private do at the ROAB in W.Bridgford and it was a whole new ball game, wow, some of the things that happened there you woudnt believe!!!!!!!!!

hearteyeshearteyeshearteyes Owdtite.

Clinton Arms was the Pub for Sunday Lunchtime shows with the exotic dancers

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Anybody remember Machins the Butchers on Highbury vale ? Russel Machin had some premisses near my Dad- Joe Dann ( The Bookie ) in the row of shops which were along the Highbury Pub side of Highbury Vale. And Amber Vandelle lived upstairs at Russels for a while. When these shops were pulled down Dad went across the road to the old " Massingales " shop which was a Monumental Masons

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On 8/31/2010 at 2:26 PM, Beefsteak said:

After hours the girls came amongst us


Crikey ..... hope it came off in the wash? 

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Get your jeans down at Machins, jeans means Machins.

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