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One thing about this whole matter that appears to have emerged is that although Ray Trew claims it is personal abuse that has driven him out of Meadow Lane (and I have no truck with that) it appears emphasised that this kind of thing has become much more apparent since his appointment of Fullarton as Notts' Manager which is a deeply unpopular decision among the support. We see from reports though that Trew was in negotiation with the 'Danish billionaire' before Christmas. to take over the club.

Trew has done some good things for Notts County, especially initially when he basically rescued them from administration and possible oblivion and that should be recognised but his apparent arrogance and inadvisable decision making has since caused the club great harm. I do believe for example that a great number of the support have viewed the appointment of Fullarton as a 'two fingers' at them and this is one of the reasons for the ructions at Meadow Lane since.

What's more, I wouldn't particularly trust him as far as I could throw him the way he is conducting business to sell the Magpies. Only when he leaves can that club turn a corner and begin rebuilding this great damage.

What with the happenings on the black and white side of the local football community and Forest's apparent inability or refusal to pay bills on time and now the delayed payment of their staff due to a 'bank holiday in Kuwait' I have no confidence in the state of the way either of our clubs are being run. In Forest's case I think they are beginning to make a fine old club look a little disreputable and it's not good to see. Potential signings for the club too will make themselves aware of what is happening at the City Ground and be less likely to sign. I particularly felt for the rank and file staff at Forest - in ordinary jobs - waiting to be paid what they have earned.

Sad stuff. Let's hope both clubs can turn a corner at some point.

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