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  1. Hi No sorry I can't remember anybody called Max. Any idea which office or could it have been in the printing works which were also on Station St. Val
  2. Hi Chieftain Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I am still in touch with someone who used to work on the bar in the back room, I will contact him to see if he remembers anything
  3. Hi Chieftain, Sorry i don't have any photos of your Grandfather, he used to introduce the acts as well as play thepiano. I am sure he used to ride a motorbike with a sidecar. Was your Mother his daughter? Ian123, I have just watched the film but I don't recognize the room as being the big Assembly room at the back of the Cocked Hat, but I wasn't still there in 1979, I thought NJD were still doing the discos then. The item on you tube an ATV documentary is rock and roll, and that was definitely not Arthur's type of music. One of the comments on this video says it is not th
  4. Yes quite correct it was Arthur Jacklin and he did have a club foot. Can't remember how many years he was there, I lived there from 1957- 1968, but still worked the disco till 1972 and I am sure he was still working on Friday and Saturday nights then
  5. Chulla The barmen also had white coats and Gordon Bell who worked in the lounge bar always wore a bow tie, when dad left to take over The Rose Grower Gordon went with him. Dad did run a tight ship, bar customers stayed in the bar not allowed in the lounge unless they were dressed up. The room off the lounge was called the smoke room and was all wood.
  6. Yes LizzieM it is the L shaped room on Goldsmith street
  7. Hi davep5491 and chulla Les Daft did indeed play for the darts team he was also a barman at the Cocked Hat in the late 50s he used to climb over the back fence at the back of his house into the gardens to get to work. I was friends with Madeline when we first moved there in 1957 but she went to Player School and I to Crane, often wondered what happened to them, I know they were a big family
  8. Yes ErnieF there used to be a gang of motorbikers who met up next to the Cocked Hat, think they mainly used the chippy not the pub. Can anybody remember a family who lived on Bidford by the name of Daft, think there was 2 girls called Hazel and Madeline their father was a barman at the pub.
  9. True KatyJay the little room on the left was the off sales where they used to fit jugs up with ale to take home and they often had a crafty one before they went home and it was mostly women,the men were all in the public bar we used to sell a lot of mild in those days. Kids used to come in for chocolate I used to grab a bar on my way to school
  10. Double Top in Chilwell has been closed for a few weeks, not sure what's happening there
  11. Loved the L coffee bar,it gave us somewhere to go, couldn't go in the pubs as dad was a licencee and I would have been in big trouble if caught drinking underage
  12. Barnsdale in Beeston can recommend the fillet steak
  13. Hi Blondie, I can remember the butchers, my husband lived in Harpenden Sq just up the road from the shop. Your husband would probably know Terry Taylor my brother-in-law.
  14. Can't believe people are still reminiscing about the Cocked Hat. Not sure if I can remember your Grandad Anne Marie but think there was a Kennedy family lived on Broxtowe Lane. A lot of bands played there in the 60's some were from London. I lived there from 1957 till 1968 but carried on working there till 1972.
  15. I remember when pubs shut at 10 o'clock (boy that was a long time ago) and it was an offence to serve anyone who'd had to much to drink, landlords were frightened of losing their licence, what happened to that law?