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  1. The whole Jackson family is bleedin' crackers
  2. Nope, he was'nt. But then again Sony could'nt afford to have their biggest asset locked away in Jail. You can't sell records from a prison cell, ask Gary Glitter. And when you got all that money and have access to some of the most powerful lawyers in the world and the American jury selection system you got a better than even chance of getting the result you want. And don't forget the fact that he paid Jordie Chandler's family $22 million hush money to stop 'em spilling the beans even more. Now why did he do that I wonder?
  3. Oh yes. I remember it well. Nipping outside on the fire escape for a smoke and a bottle of Home Stout we smuggled in from The Britannia Inn. Those were the days
  4. He was a homosexual paedophilic child molester.... end of story
  5. Does anyone know of a club which used to be in Long Eaton in the 50's or 60's which I've been told was called 'The Mayfair Club?
  6. You got it right there pooh. I'm 67, a lad of the fifties nottingham. Sure we had rucks but it was controlled. Usually one to one and when it was over it was done. Big Tug Wilson usually controlled the square and everybody knew where they sttod with him
  7. The Cow In Beeston was better known as The Manchester Unity. The Royal Oak is on Villa Street up the other end of Beeston off the high street
  8. The Flying Horse was all about redevelopment. Some property development firm came in and told the council what it would like to do with the premises at what they called a fair ground rent and rates, as they were called then. The Flying Horse owners could'nt compete with what the other firm was prepared to pay and the rest is history. Now the shops in the same spot are the most expensive in Nottingham. All the decent pubs in Nottingham have gone and been replaced with dumps. The worst thing they did was to start making them eating houses with bars. The serious pub user was driven away by kids
  9. The Happy Man is being demolished prob'ly to make way for a block of flats. The New Kent in Stapleford is shut down. Rumour is Wetherspoons are looking at it. A petition is being drawn up to save the Jaguar on Hickings Lane, Stapleford. That looks like being next. And the biggest problem in the last 2 years has been the no smoking ban in july 2007. Baz
  10. For anyone who don't know thw score here's a fone number. 1 0 20 2 1 2 2 2 3. They reckon Billy Davies has bought a new house. 2 up 3 down
  11. Any team that can be 2 - 0 up in 15 mins, then throw it away get what they deserve
  12. Pay per view?. I got 9 months free with Setanta and then all the sport I want for £10.99 per monthy
  13. So we got a draw at Pride Park. Let's get the sheep at the city ground and finish the job.