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  1. Hi, Thanks for birthday wish, yep we returned to France after only lasting 3 weeks in england!!!!!!! hubbie visits this site daily and enjoys your postings. A bientot Tracey x
  2. Hello All, My hubbie took our daughter to Ilkeston fair last year and was well impressed. They had a lovely time. Certaintly will plan to come back on eyear at that time so i can go.
  3. Highfields park great day out, nice and quite,boating lake mini golf and park for the kids, even a little coffee shop and ice cream van. I have been going there since a small child.
  4. sorry to be typically blonde, but how do i attach pics that are on my computer in images.? Yes very slow on thee old uptke. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hello all, Back in France and finally moved into new place. have unpacked last box. Forgot how much junk we had packed away. First box was packed over 10 months ago!!! Anyway weather still great here not too mention wine. Just need to do something about the french. Joke!!! Their not that bad. How did your meet up go? anyone take pictures? Tracey
  6. Thanks Guys, We have been very lucky to have at least experience this and have a choice, and even better, we have the support of all our family. They will miss our daughter, but all said that we were "bloody mad" for even thinking we would live here. Bless em. Anyway thanks again, and will keep on here as we always have a fair old giggle when reading the posts. Really would like to join the BIP and Ilkoad fan club. Ta chucks Tracey
  7. Hello Everyone, Just to say that even though i dont post very often i love coming on this forum. As some of you know my hubbie and I moved back 3 weeks ago after living in France for 13 years ago. But unfortunately we arent staying . Hubbie has had a great job offer back in France !tanning! and we just havent been able to settle here. we have loved visting places, but dont think we could live here for good. I think that Nottingham has changed and more importantly we have. But thanks guys for all your advice and help. B) Tracey
  8. We are just up the road from Cavalaire. About 10 minutes. Finding it very hard to think about leaving. x
  9. Some very beautiful coastal drives down that way. Did you manage to get to the Grand Prix!!! We are further down the coast Grimaud, near St tropez. We do have some gorgeous beaches, ones away from the tourists. Let me know if you plan to come again. How do i add a link with some pics?
  10. Hello Mick Glad you enjoyed your hols. Where were you staying. It really is a beautiful time of the year at the moment. Looks like we are coming back to uk for 2 months and then returning!! Hubbie has a hard time distancing himself from the wine yards!!!!
  11. Hubbie has just had excellent job offer in france the equiv of £1700 net each month along with accomadation. Due we still risk coming back to Nottingham to no jobs and no home, staying with family until we can get ourselves sorted. Think we may come back for 2 months and see. Hubbie can start 01/08/05. Is Nottingham that bad as the media claim. We have a very quiet but safe kind of life !faint! Oh well, realyy have got the wibblies, only 5 weeks to go. thanks for anyone who took the time to read this. xxx
  12. Thanks guys, a little late, only just saw your messages. B) Had a great time until my 4 year old daughter asked how old i was, when i told her that i was 34, she replied "gosh mummy you must be very tired", kids bless um they really can pack a punch. We are on final count down to our move back to Notts. Flights booked 4th July. Hubbie has already driven back and dumped our wordly possessions at my parents house. We can't wait even if a little nervous, has been 12 years. But must say that its only after being away that hopefully one can appreciate what one had. Someone reassure me that
  13. Sick as a parrot (but not with bird flu) Hubbie rang me last night, he had just got back from Ilkeston Fair with my little girl. Had great pleasure in telling me how good it was especially the mushy peas and Brandy snap.UMMM! Told him he doesn't have home to come back to unless he brings me some mushy peas and dumplings!!!!! !jumping! Sad i know, but it's the little things that you miss.
  14. Sign me up, shall stock up on the old vino!!! Cheers me duck!!!!