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  1. Woolworths own label was 'Embassy'. I still have a couple of their EP's. One is called 'Swinging guitars' and the the other one is 'Roaring twenties'. Don't ask me why I bought that! They also sold very nice loose biscuits from tins with transparent lids. Cheers, Johnl.
  2. This garage was Morkhill & Carnhill. They were agents for BMC. Hooleys was om Derby road and sold Fords. Cheers, Johnl/
  3. The first shop on the corner of Alfreton / Hartley road was, I think, Flints newsagents. Next door was Lees the butchers. We moved out of Radford in 1958 so the shops could have changed. Cheers, Johnl.
  4. Good morning Frank, Mr Prosser was a small chap with a moustache, I don't know if he is still around but I bumped into him a few years ago in Ruddington where he lived. If I remember correctly he wasn't very good at keeping order in the classroom! Cheers, John.
  5. The brick-built classroom behind the tech. drawing room was occupied by a Mr Pointon who taught religious instruction. I had completely forgotten about Mr. hardcastle. There were also two history teachers that I recall, Mr Jackson (nickname bellyache) and a Mr Prosser . They didn't have disco's when I was there! Cheers, john
  6. Hi Frank the music teacher when I was there was Mr Banham. I well remember Dryden but Mr Mayfield took us for maths. I used to enjoy english with Mr Johnson and he encouraged us to read and that has stayed with me to this day. Mr marris was the PE teacher, Mr Childs metalwork, Mr Mitcham woodwork and Mr Benson art. There was also a very flamboyant english teacher called Mr gammons, he usually wore a bow tie. They had two prefabricated classrooms in the playground. Mr Mason (geography) had one and Mr Dunbar (technical drawing) had the other one. It was a well run school, the house system wo
  7. Hello, sorry but the name doesn't ring any bells. Perhaps they were a bit after my time. I started there in 1954. Thanks for getting in touch. Cheers, Johnl.
  8. Good morning all, I was at Bentinck road infants' school mid fifties. The head mistress was a mrs. Freemantle. The only other teacher I can remember was miss Ranshaw. A few people I can remember from that time are, Michael reville, Janet Huchaby, Sandra Hislop, John Dunne, Susan Brown. I am still in touch with John Dunne who is no longer in Nottingham, his father used to have the barbers shop on Hartley road opposite the Burnaby pub. It would be nice if someone could fill in the gaps. Cheers, Johnl.
  9. Good morning, there were no houses in the juniors at Crane. I was in Nuthall house when I went into the seniors. Our colour was green, so our tie had green stripes on it. I think the other house colours were: Aspley...yellow, Broxtowe...Red and Strelley..Blue. ( I may have got these wrong) Each house had a house captain and there was a cup awarded monthly for the house with the most house credits for good work. The houses competed against each other at sports as well. What a very good system. Can anyone remember the school song? I think the first verse went.... Loved of the fathers long ago
  10. Hoover beats as it sweeps as it cleans.
  11. What about the 'flags of the nations?' The gum was terrible! Each card showed the flag of a country with a couple of famous landmarks of the area. On the other side of the card were a few phrases in the language of the country. I never managed to get the full set. Cheers, Johnl.
  12. Whitebread , bighead trophy bitter. The pint that thinks its a quart. A double diamond works wonders. You're never alone with a strand.
  13. Do you remember those 'tie and hank' sets that woolworths used to sell? The consisted of a slim tie and a piece of cardboard with three or four small triangles, made fro the same material as the tie, attached to the top. You slid the cardboard into the top pocket of your jacket with the triangles showing so it looked like you had a carefully folded handkerchief in your top pocket. Speaking of Woolworths, do you recall their own record label 'Embassy'. Covers of popular songs. Cheers, Johnl.
  14. Ashley, your description of a round cloud is about right. I don't remember hearing a bang though. I was just begining to think that I had imagined the whole thing! This must have been the collision that I saw. Many thanks, Johnl.
  15. Regarding the stamp shop, what was the chinese restaurant called that was next door or next but one to it? Cheers, Johnl.