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  1. That must be the one Beefy i was thinking of
  2. I remember a chippy in Carlton when i was a kid owned by an old lady i think it was on Burton road she used to cook them in a black cauldren i used to tell my Mum she was a witch, the chips were lovely
  3. You must remember if you have a lot to drink especially Vodka sit on the floor you cannot fall off the floor lol
  4. yep lol i dont drink a lot not really this weekend was the first i've had sinse Christmas , i must say my favourite is Vodka
  5. Mudgie if you want to wear garlic around your neck its up to you at least you will know who your friends are lol
  6. Thats a good one but i cannot remember it
  7. Hey Pixie have found some info on crystals which may help 1 Amethyst A powerful and protective stone, guards against psychic attack 2 Selenite Another powerful stone this cannot be cleasned using water as it will disappear ' in fact it dosent nheed to be cleaned as it holds no negtive energy works well along side Amethyst 3 Jade gives the wearer protection from negative energies hope these help there is a web site you can go on its called Crystal Properties Metaphyscial products you can get a lot of information there
  8. Boddintons, Pedigree, hobgoblin ( had some on Sunday at the Cross Keys ) Vodka, more Vodka Wine dosent matter if Red or White had some of that on sunday as well as well as 1664
  9. SPIDERS!!!!! horrible hairy things it goes way back to whem i was a kid , i put my slippers on and rthere was a spider in them and i didnt see it and my feet were bare i totally freaked
  10. There is a Spiritualist Church at the top of Derby Road ,my Daughter goes there with her friends and she has had quite a few reading and messages , she went last night and was told her G/Grandma was looking after and she had a dog with her she described this dog down to a "t" said it was small , black and white with long fur he was my grans dog but i never saw him because he died before i was born i have a photo of him so i am going to show her I used to belong to an awareness group but................... one of the people who ran it said i had a good imaginnation because i told him the
  11. Yes he was on the 11th April 1862 the last man to be hung in public and over 20 thousand people came to see him die
  12. Yep i would go back to the 1800s to finf out about my ancesters mainly the one who was hung for murder in 1862 in Derby, then back even further to the 1500s
  13. My Grandma's house had an outside toilet complete with newspaper on string
  14. Otis Blue got the DVD now , and still got some LPs of Dire Straits
  15. M<y very late ex hubby worked at the pit as a Banksman
  16. Ayup me duck welcome, its a great place here
  17. Its turbo powered broke the sound barrier last night
  18. I have a Cockatiel called Jimbo, he was a rescue bird , he likes being hand fed and his favourite food is Rice Crispies he also has to have a piece of bread every morning he wont shut up till he gets it he is very possessive with me , he dosent like being on his own so we take him in the living room at night where he will watch the TV with us if you put your finger in the cage and say Kiss Kiss he nibbles your finger . He will whistle really loud just to let you know when he wants to go to bed every night 9.30 on the dot you can set your clock by him,
  19. How much are the tickets may be able to make it
  20. If i remember right i think my number was 56, Labray Road was square shaped and my house was on the extreme right as you looked down