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  1. I would love a lilac bush but just havent got the room on my yard unless i get a really big tub
  2. Roger what year did you go to Parkdale School ? i went there from 1956 onwards it was only a few minutes walk from my house
  3. Good grief i forgot to mention my strawberries as well lol
  4. Got cowslips, sweet pea Lobelia pansises buy the bucket load,. plus Lettuce carrots, potatoes and raddishes all in tubs i dont have a garden just a yard also have a hanging basket with flowers Oh must not forget the Sunflowers lol
  5. I think they are Almshouses and i suppose they had to be extended within the style of the original buildings
  6. I used to live at the top of Southdale Road Parkdale Road was a continuation of that road and i went to Parkdale Road Primary School they were just wooden huts when i went there
  7. The actual buildings in Ashbourn DErbyshire
  8. Any idea what this says its on a house in Ashbourn Derbyshire
  9. You did that too lol, didnt they taste lovely
  10. pod Peas, used to love shelling them for me mum when i was a kid, went to Bulwell Marked today and didnt see any
  11. Taken last year at the Castle over 200 bikers turnde up with their Harleys
  12. Nottingham Castle was owned by the 1st Duke of Newcastle its earlier than Regency he never actually lived in it he used it to host parties and Balls for his friends It was built in the latr 1600s on the site of the first medieval castle as you know there are lots of caves under the castle the most famous one being Mortimers Hole
  13. Yep just come back from Buxton today on my fare dodging pass its great, been to Chesterfield , Bakewell , Newark not all in one day tho lol The journey home was done in double quick time as the driver was Superman and he filled up on kryptonite, like going round corners on 2 wheels lol
  14. Wots up weeyer yo could sit on that bottom lip thats what i got told when i used to sulk if i could'nt get my own way
  15. He's gorra face like a farmers a££e on a frosty mornin
  16. Almost the same baby carriage this one is at the Museum of Notting Life Brewhouse Yard
  17. Sunny here tho there is a lot of cloud, nice breeze,, good drying day
  18. what do you have to do to make them bigger
  19. got one your Lordship lol, it even tells me where i am if i get lost
  20. Just got a new digi camera Panasonic Lumix its just the job for me, still working my way around the thing you can do with it it takes 3D pics as well but not tried that yet