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  1. Hello to all the new contributors! In chronological order: Ian, thank you for the memories and I'm glad to hear that my grandfather was generous with the Christmas gifts. As you allude you, sadly my grandmother was not a well woman, and it was not a very happy marriage. As for Harry Cook, I have heard some very amusing anecdotes about him over the years, and that is another one to add to the list! Interesting to hear that you now live in Canada. There is a strong Canadian connection in our family as my grandfather's mother was Canadian. She was born a Merritt, and they lived (and s
  2. I was gifted these glass plate negatives some years ago. It took some time but I found the family involved and many of the vistas. Thought I'd share.


    1. chaynes


      I see I posted here before some time ago. Sorry for the repeat. Happy New Year.

    2. siddha


      Fabulous to be able to see these. Where are the churches particularly the one with the Romanesque arch?

  3. Dear all, I am a very new member to this forum I only joined today when I came upon the site whilst researching a silver pocket watch owned by Sir Philip Barber which was given to my grandfather Herbert Ash who was head gardener at Lamb Close from 1944 to 1988. I have many memories and pictures of Lamb Close if anyone is interested. My aunt and uncle also lived in Lamb Close lodge at the bottom of the drive from 1976 until 1986, Fred and Iris Middup if anyone remembers them.

  4. Please let me know if this thread is still active. I have several glass plate negatives made by a member of the Barber family (conjecture but fairly certain) I can share. Example...


  5. Thanks Jill - very interesting and great to put these people in to context!
  6. Hi Jill - intrigued because I've no idea who Hilda is! Maybe she's the lady in the other 4 photos? Sorry if I missed it earlier in the feed but how did you come to end up with them?
  7. Hi all. More info on the photos: #96 - top is my great aunt Naomi, of Manse fame, on the moor at Dunmaglass, our old place in Scotland. 1950s? Second down is the front door of the lodge at Dunmaglass. Not sure who boy on left is but next is my grandmother Diana, then my aunt Mary, my great grandmother Beatrice and finally my great grandfather Phillip (Major) Barber, always with left hand in pocket as he'd lost half of it in the Great War. 1950s? #98 Top three My great aunt Naomi x2 and in 3rd with her mum my g-grandfather Beatrice. Next four I don't know
  8. Hi all. Just logged in and there's a LOT to catch up on!!! When I get a moment I will put names to faces in a few of the earlier photos, and comment on a couple of the other comments too. re Cocker House, my great grandfather Major Barber (about whom this whole thread started!) was born at Cocker House.
  9. Hi all. My great aunt Naomi (daughter of Major Barber) lived at the Manse. She sadly died in 2002 and the house was sold a couple of years later so it's no longer in the Barber family. In terms of the location, Notty Ash's Google Map picture shows the correct location. Jill, you mention that you've got some slides of Lamb Close in the 50s. I'd LOVE to see them somehow! Are there people in them? If so, might be Major Barber and other family members I can identify. Thanks!
  10. Hi Heather. I've replied on my feed, but thought I'd PM you as well. Did you have any luck asking your dad about Major Barber, or Barber Walker. You got me intrigued a few months back!





  11. Hello all. Sorry for usual time lag in replying. Wondering if there was any other info that had surfaced of late? Heather, did you get a chance to speak to your father? Would love to hear what he can remember. Tom
  12. Hi all. Definitely keen to 'reply all' with general points on this topic, but hope you understand that some of the conversation might be better private!
  13. Heather - that sounds VERY interesting! How would you like to continue the conversation? Thanks for getting in touch. Tom
  14. Hi Robin! Just logged in for the first time in a while. Would be great to catch up, and I know the family tree in question! Can you email me on thomasebarber at (Trying to avoid spam, hence not putting the email address as it actually appears!) Tom
  15. Mystery solved! I spoke to the wonderful Hilary Wheat who is a churchwarden, and she told me that they'd found Thomas Barber (my great x5 grandfather)'s memorial stone in the chancel, hence no sign of the grave in the churchyard itself. The plaque is being placed on the wall as part of the magnificent sounding restoration of the church. Sounds like English Heritage and the National Lottery have done a fabulous job. Now we need to track down Francis Barber, Thomas Barber's father, who is also, apparently buried at Bilborough!