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  1. Your Dad seemed keen to earn a 'crust'.... Sorry.....
  2. Don't worry Mary... I always treated my girlfriends with the greatest of respect. And while this one lived close to Formans, she didn't work there. She worked as a Comptometer Operator... in Boowul. I always wondered what a Comptometer Operator was.... until I found it was a sort of mechanical calculator. But whatever.. she was very beautiful. My mate Picko tells me she is still around and he bumps into her occasionally.. Memories...
  3. That early 60's 'pre Beatles' period which Ben and Margie recall, was great for me too. I was barely adolescent at that time though and girls were scary things. Still..something was stirring in me and I loved songs which had 'fresh' and different sounds. I recall Summer evenings spent hanging around on Boowul Common, where 'older kids' gathered around the station entrance and the buildiing site which was to become the Golden Ball pub. Songs like: Del Shannon.. wiith compulsory lunatic dancers... John Leyton. I recall see
  4. We lost two Greats yesterday: Chris Barber. Age 90 Highly respected for his influence in Trad Jazz, but other fields too. Here's his band's version of Sidney Bechet's classic. Incidentally, produced by Joe Meek, and with Monty Sunshine on Clarinet. I think Bechet's version, with Sidney on Soprano Sax.. is much more powerful and raw, but Barber's version is sweet and charming. Bunny Wailer. Member of the original Wailers alongside Bob Marley, some years before Marley became huge, but also successful as a solo artist. I played this at the 360.
  5. As I recall.. £6.12s. in Sept 1965 as an engineering apprentice for NCB, nominally attached to Linby, but spent most time at Arnold and Carlton College or the training centre in Watnall. I didn't last long in that role and transferred to the Scientific Dept. at Cinderhill. By the time I walked away in 1967, I'd reached the dizzy heights of £8.10s.6d p.w.
  6. I always liked the Thos. Forman building. Very fine sight from the bus. I had a brief fling around 1970 ish with a young lady from Waldeck Rd. opposite Forman's. I can still recall her surname and the full address.. She looked very much like the young Cherry Gillespie and caused quite a stir when I took her into my local...
  7. The Water Pumping Station opposite Payne's was apparently opened in 1857 and closed in the 1970s. It was known as the Bagthorpe Works. Links to more info here: I've had a look on street view and it is clearly still some sort of works or depot, quite possible still for water. Blue and white sign near the entrance but obscured by trees. Would it be 'Severn Trent Water' now?
  8. Alliteratively speaking, as I recall, P.P.Payne produced packaging products. As a prolific passer-by on public transport, I perpetually pondered the precise purpose of packaging products P.P.Payne produced. Also, as I recall there was a water pumping station on the corner opposite Paynes. On a good day , from the upstairs of the bus, you could see into the pump house where there were what looked like steam driven pumping engines. outside was an ornamentally shaped pond. Later, it was just a scruffy yard, with pipes and stuff piled up. I've no idea what is there now.
  9. I see my multiple post from last night (which of course was not caused by me.. but by some sort of system error ).. has been tidied up. I'm guessing it was Kev who did it, but whoever it was, many thanks.
  10. I don't blame you.. Stupid bloody site showing my post as 'saving' forever. Still showng it like that... No doubt some sort of 'time -space continuum loop anomaly...' Or just a maintenance issue. Maybe Kev can tidy things up in the morning. P.S. I think it was 9...
  11. As some may know.. the Common Cold is caused by a range of Coronaviruses. For years, the 'Common Cold Research Unit' or whatever it was called.. looked into treatments and possible vaccines. Not so much because the Common Cold is dangerous.. but because of the economic cost of zillions of sick days per year. Again.. as I recall.. the Common Cold Research Unit was eventually wound up because it became apparent that no vaccine could combat the wide range of Coronaviruses, which , like the Influenza viruses.. were constantly mutating anyway. Covid however IS seriously dangerous,so even if we ha
  12. Many of the groups who came out of the Doo Wop era of the 1950s moved into a more soul/r&b based style in the 1960s, which put them into the soul/dance club scene alongside releases from Motown, Stax/Atlantic/Capitol and numerous other labels. The Platters were no exception and in the late 60s while we were running the club nights at the 360 and elsewhere, we became aware of a Platters song called 'Sweet Sweet Lovin', but couldn't find a copy anywhere. So, Picko wrote to their music company in the US, which at that time was 'Musicor'. Not only did they send us two copies of t
  13. Saw Rod two or three times in the late 60s when he was singing with the Jeff Beck Group, with Aynsley Dunbar on drums and Ron Wood on guitar/bass. Rod was a great blues singer but a weird dresser. He often appeared in what looked like striped pyjama trousers and a pink vest with white piping.
  14. More class! If you can.. go 'full screen' on this .. it is fabulous.. I have an abiding memory of one of the older lads on Southglade Road breaking out into 'Only You',, at the time.. I'd be about 6. The girl singer Zola Taylor was lovely. Sadly she died of pneumonia in 2009 aged 69. She was replaced in the Platters by Barbara Randolph, already an established singer and actress..who went on to join the 'Motown' stable. Barbara is probably best remembered now for her version of : 'I Got A Feelin'. She died in South Africa.. from cancer.. aged 60.
  15. DJ360

    CB Radio

    Is anyone still using CB? I never got involved. 'Breaker one nine for a copy...' 'What's your twenty?' Sometimes when I go up to the top of our local hill.. there will be a chap using 'Amateur Radio' and talking to people on other continents. It's all very polite and correct, with proper call signs etc. I can talk to people all over the World on my phone., but I can still see the attraction of older technologies.
  16. I also love the Shirelles version. Lots of the soul bands I saw in the 60s did versions of this song.
  17. As well as the classics..I recall seeing Doris in a film called 'With Six You Get Egg Roll' back in the 60s. It was Ok but no more. Doris was frequently at pains to point out in later years that she wasn't exactly the sweet innocent she was always portrayed to be and wanted to be seen as a ore serious artist. Here's one of my favourites from her recordings.
  18. Wow!! I can't believe I never posted in this thread. I once took a girlfriend to visit my relatives in Coventry. She turned up dutifully at Huntingdon St Bus Station at 'Stupid o Clock' in the morning. She looked ever. By the time we'd changed at Leicester and arrived at Coventry she was a little less animated. My Coventry Aunt ensured the comfort of my long suffering girlfriend. By the time we got back home I think it was already over.. What WAS I thinking?
  19. Evening all. I've been busy today laying paving in the garden. Re-laying is more accurate. It's a right pain. I'm too old for this lark... Still.. my 'bloods' came back all OK the other day as did my Covid Survey Swab Test. I have a 'Transthoracic Echocardiogram' booked for Saturday. Life is just one long round of pleasure... Carni.. I agree with Brew. Try a new charger and/or cable.
  20. I'm a confirmed Carnivore. We humans have an Omnivorous Dentition, which makes us equipped to eat pretty much anything, including plants and meat. That said, I can happily exist for days without meat, eating things like Hummus, Dahl etc. I also love a nice juicy steak. but I am increasingly aware of the environmental damage beef production causes. I'd agree wiith Annswabey.. that if you don't like..or approve of meat.. you should not be looking for 'identikit versions' which look and taste the same.
  21. Ian.. that is a sound enough principle... until you start running out of tomorrows.....
  22. Ben.. I'd say you had the composition 'down pat'... And Trina looks like a very lovely young lady.
  23. Today, it being warmish and more importantly, not blowing a gale.. I resumed operations on the re-laying of the paving at the back of the house. I carefully prepared the ground for another couple of slabs.. It started raining.. An hour or so later it stopped, and I dragged a bag of cement out of the garage and round the house, as well as switching the outside tap on from indoors at the shut off valve. I was about to open a bag of sand when.... It started raining again. I took the cement back to the garage... blasphemed a bit and gave