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  1. Faant it! Where? Who is the guy in the biggist 'at? Warra the wimmin lookin at?
  2. You do of course mean ME old Boy. And no one ever answered the question, who I was? Billy SHAZAM!...
  3. Wotcha onabaaht Hugh? At least in those days Gaffers used to walk abaaht!
  4. Disgraceful ! I call it :o What about one fer the boys!
  5. And I am watching you from one corner of the Bermuda Triangle :D Fort Lauderda... :o .................!
  6. I can't Remember this? 1968? I must have had something more Pressing on my mind? Ahh! :D I know, I had just discovered Girls...
  7. See what ya mean! :D Look at the air cuts? :o What would the 'Super' Say? Ahhh the 70's READ MORE?
  8. I found this image of Arkwright Street taken in 1928. Can't figure out exactly which part of Arkwright Street it is? Anyone any idea?
  9. Kinda snook in there did'nt ya :D Welcome
  10. Spot on Andy Not so Hard eh! :D Now let me what else I can find fer yers'
  11. Like Arkwright Street, Wilford road was another street that had just about everything you could want. Likewise totally wiped out by the 1970's planners! Once again thanks to www.picturethepast.org.uk we still have a record of the area. Looking north from the Embankment end, Wilford Road terminus 1974. A place I cought my bus (40 St Anns) into town on many ocassions. What memories do you have of this area? Further up Wilford Road still looking north Wilford Road/Deering Street "Waiting for opening time" A Wilford Road Watering Hole in 1973
  12. I though I might just bump this one :lol:
  13. When I caught the 43 trolly bus to school, it ran down Listergate. This would have been 1963-66. Strangely I have memories of 'Woollies' being below the pub? Or was it on both sides of the pub? What was the pub called?
  14. :o Eh Up! One for the girls Is Rob doin is Cross Stitch or What? Stitch this then! :lol:
  15. Now Yer Talkin' B) Decent motors in their time, and still are. Always wanted one of these. There is one down the road from me, still going strong :D The Rover 90 Mr R.E.Scogings' award winning Rover 90. The Rover 90 was produced from 1954 to 1959, during this period 35,891 cars were built. The engine was increased in capacity from the earlier "75" and at 2638cc was the largest fitted to any P4. It developed 93 bhp giving an improved performance; the car could achieve 85 mph with the standard 4.3 to 1 axle ration and 90 mph with the optional 3.9 ratio. In 1955 the P4 range was given a
  16. HaH! Another one solved by a Newbie. :lol: Welcome Bamber :D What about that Scoots! Look closely, Can you see it?
  17. There were no Women in Derby! :o Glad I never went further than Shipley Boat! Well Nottingham has allways had the prettiest girls! B) But I never knew you were THAT strapped in Derby Are you still in Derby? I work there
  18. Perhaps I was thinking of Someone else It's me Age! <_<
  19. This is bugging me now :o I can't find a monster back? I believe these may be Topp's Cards? Anyone remember them?
  20. Look what I found on the net, the front of one of the cards. These are called "Jack Davis Valentine card art"