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  1. She was very gentle, but obviously saw the insult to her partner as an attack. She'd have been better off in Paris, where she'd have probably become an artist's or writer's muse like Nusch or Nadja.
  2. David, I don't think she'd be the type for Ibiza: far too much noise, as at the time it would probably still be experiencing the long summer of love. As someone with a mild case of Asperger's syndrome, I'm quite sure she had the same: the symptoms vary vastly, but she showed many of them, and raves don't fit into the frame. And, yes, there's the money. There would be a great deal of it, and Mick told me he couldn't work out where Sam kept it, as it certainly wouldn't have been in a bank. I hope he told Sally where it was before he left the world, as she certainly deserved it.
  3. With thanks to David for the information, I've now amended my blog post and included the information which I previously omitted. In view of the fact that this was so long ago, I don't think I'm doing any harm in revealing this. Admittedly some of the story comes from Sally's friend, the late Mick Mcminn, but I never once discovered him inventing things, and someone else at the time who knew Sally backed things up. I've omitted a few things about Sally because they're just too personal and of no interest anyway. Dr Tony Shaw: Sally, Nottingham Newspaper Seller and Pavement Artist. And Friends (
  4. The only windows remaining from the Forest Folk pub are here, and they took me a long time to find: I would also like to point out that, although I don't mind people using my photos - such as the one above - and although I don't mind them being used without my consent, I do however insist that they be attributed to me. The net is a great source for finding photos, but please remember that those not in the public domain belong to someone. Thank you.
  5. I once played darts with him - one hit a wire, rebounded and lodged itself in his bare arm. Instead of immediately taking it out, he showed it round to the others in the bar. And his jokes could be rather sexist: at a large meeting (during Bill Clinton's time), he suddenly announced he thought there should be a beer called Monica Lewinsky, with the slogan 'it goes down well'.
  6. This must be the best obit by far, and is very enlightening:
  7. I'm nearly four months out of date here, but has anyone said anything about the death of Spyke Golding, which I only discovered about this weekend? He seems to have been around for so long that he seemed part of the local furniture, but then to go at only 61! Apologies if this was mentioned elsewhere, but I must have missed it.
  8. As I've only just discovered this site, and therefore this thread, I give a link below to a blog post I made at the time of my memories of Stan Middo, in which I reproduce - in full - a letter he sent me several years ago. As I said, a lovely man:
  9. Yes, it is interesting, and although it's only been dormant for just over two years, it could probably have done with an occasional bump. I revived it by accident as I was just (under powerful orders) de-cluttering. Anyway, I've just sent an email to Andy Smart at the Evening Post asking if he knows Sally's surname. If nothing comes of it, so be it, but I shall look elsewhere. But the missing surname is the problem. I believe Nottingham University paid them for a few days - maybe a week - to look into the pavement art, although this is received information and may be a little skewed.
  10. Apparently very much so, although I know nothing further than that, other than she came from southern England. I assume she rebelled against her background, as she was very, very unconventional - I always saw her as a natural anarchist (and of course I mean that in the nicest way). Oh, she'd be very aware of that, but she certainly spoke that way all the time. I think the spelling was just an act, though.
  11. Thanks for this, mick2me. Sally and Sam used to live in a flat on or near Magdala Road, but I've not seen either of them since the early 1990s, when I saw Sally at Mick's. But quite shortly after that, Mick told me Sam was very ill. Now, Sally worshipped Sam: she was a lovely, very quite person, but if anyone insulted Sam she went wild. So I suppose she could be anywhere. Mick asked me a few times to go with him to see them there, but it was more of a dare. I won't go into details.
  12. I've added a little more information about Sally here, including a sketch she drew and an odd poem she added to it: