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  1. I know I have posted this picture before but I thought it time for a bump. There are some newer members who will not have seen much of the early postings in this thread. This is my Dansette record player, complete with original 1960s plug. It still works too: Slightly more modern but still about 45yrs old and in working order:
  2. Get a ten year old to help, Beekay - I did!
  3. Beer brewing nicely and now it's time to get out and do a bit of weeding in the tunnel.....well, maybe a cup of tea first, eh?
  4. Does quoting the relevant bit of a previous post (not the immediate preceding one) count as wasting band space too? If I want to reply to a section of an older post I always quote a selection and not the full post. Ban me if you want but I think a small selection of quote from an old post is not only relelvant but also very helpful and leads to a more fluent conversation.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the King's cinema on Front Street? According to a website I saw, the cinema was closed in 1947 and demolished in 1956. However, I clearly recall going up the steps and into a Woollworth's store on the site up until the late 50s or early 60s. Am I worng and I am remembering a time before '56?
  6. IT'S OFFICIAL! According to the met office, last Sturday Wick (Caithness) had the hotteest day of the year so far. Temperatures reached a heady 20.7°C. Phew!
  7. I've seen them fruiting in Cyprus, Nonna, so you should be able to get them to fruit in Iatly. However, I'm not sure at what altitude you live - you could be too high up for it to be hot enough for long enough?
  8. Scaremongers were patrolling the beach one day some years ago when I was sitting in the sunshine near Sellafield. They approached me with their clipboards and asked if I realised what danger I might be in, sunbathing so close to a nuclear plant. I said that if it resulted in me growing two heads it would make me twice as smart. They left me in peace.
  9. We've had the Dounreay nuclear site up here since the 1950s and the only problems were caused by people not following the rules in the early days. Dounreay brought badly needed investment into a depopulating area and stabilised the county for the duration of the site. It is still the biggest employer in the area. Windfarms on the other hand, have brought destruction of peat lands, deforestation and landscape devaluation. They provide big profits for a few, big bills for the many and practically no jobs after construction. I'd rather take my chances with the nuclear site, as would many up her
  10. Not so nice when yet another wind farm plan is announced. It is now very difficult to get a photo of the countryside without one in view. There are 86 just offshore here - soon to be extended to 360!
  11. Opuntias have edible fruit, Nonna.
  12. Lovely rock garden, Nonna!
  13. Berrriedale to Dunbeath extra: You think you have found a lovely, shady litte stream to follow in a wooded gorge but just twenty paces from where I stood the stream tumbled over the cliff edge as a waterfall. The stream: Twenty paces further along it becomes this:
  14. Berriedale to Dunbeath part 3. Other stuff from the walk: Part of the seabird colony on An Dun: Dotted around the 147miles of John O'Groats trail from Inverness to John O'Groats are walkers visitors books. They are contained in boxes like this: The hole in the drystone wall is known as a "Sheep Creep". The entrance to Dunbeath castle: Dunbeath harbour. the end of the walk:
  15. Berriedale to Dunbeath part 2. The scenery: Berriedale from the north: An Dun: A sea arch: Close up of the arch: o Same arch from the north: Yet another Caithness sea stack: A lonely house on the hill:
  16. Saturday morning dawned bright and clear so we took a walk along the Berriedale to Dunbeath clifftops. The weather deteriorated as the morning wore on but we made it to Dunbeath before the thunderstorm broke. Here's a few pictures taken during the walk. Berriedale to Dunbeath part1. Mostly wildflowers: A John O'Groats traill marker: Wildflowers abounded along the walk: A Spotted Heath Orchid: Foxgloves and grasses, all in flower. The grass pollen hung like a mist in the air: A Field
  17. My bike ride this morning produced these two sightings. A Reed Bunting and a Yellowhammer. Sorry abotu the quality but they wouldn't keep still!
  18. The sun shone yesterday morning so I took advantage of the rare fine day (Heavy rain and lightning later) and did a coastal walk from Beriedale to Dunbeath. The vegetation is now quite tall, so gaps in the clifftop path were difficult to spot and the chance of a plunge down 200+ft of cliff was never far away I took some photos, many of which I have deleted; the remainder will appear here, perhaps tomorrow. I use RAW format for my photos, so it takes a wee bitty of time to transpose them and edit for posting here. Meanhwile how's this for a lovely piece of treasure trove.... a huge 1½lb puffba
  19. On wednesday evening I attended a talk by an ex-WWII Stirling heavy bomber pilot, Sqdn Ldr Don Mason DSO DFC L.d'H (Chevalier), BEM. (Retd.) Just three months away from his 99th birthday, Don gave a magnificent 2½hr illustrated lecture on Bomber crews and their missions during World War Two. He completetd 67 missions over occupied Europe and was shot down twice. He didn't say much about when he was shot down so I tabled a question at the end during the usual "Questions and answers" session. I asked how he was awarded the DSO and DFC. His answer was illuminating and interesting, to
  20. Update to the above: Had an email from the Highland Council thanking me for letting them know about the dumping. They will clean up the site within the next few days. I have written to the locl paper and includded a photo of the incident. I have also made it clear that the bill for the clean-up is to be borne by the council and that next time the council make cuts, he/she (The dunmper) will have done more than their share to cause those cuts.
  21. Went for my usual mornnig bike ride and found that the stupid tw*t who dumps his takeaway boxes and Red Bull tins out of his car at the weekends has struck again but this time not just a single can and box.....there is a pile of Red Bull tins and empty fag packets all dumped in a passing place on one of the single track roads where I usually spot the cast out stuff. I've reported the tipping to "Dumb Dumpers" and it will be removed tomorrow but the point is that every Caithness household has recycle bins that take everything in the pile - so why go to the trouble of dumping in the countryside
  22. That's a good point, DB. I have thought of this and they seem to occur after a cheek or lip bite injury but also when building up to more visitors. I get quite stressed around groups of people.
  23. Thank for the ulcer tips, gang - tried them all over the years but to no avail. I get an outreak of ulcers about twice a year these days. They are about half the size of a five pence piece at their height and are very painful, expecially when they stick to my teeth in the night. They seem to co-incide with my biting a lip or cheek; so I'm thinking infection after a bite injury. Tried all remedies but they never go until after about two weeks. Just a few days left for this one to run its course........