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  1. Sadly Brew, bruises don't photograph very well. I tried to tke a shot of my leg the other week. It was yellow and black from knee to ankle after an altercation with a stepladder. Alas, it doesn't look very dramatic in pixel form.
  2. Been there, done it, got the tee shirt - it's not the most comfortable experience in the world, Ben.
  3. "The Bespoke Overcoat" was on TP last night. It won an Oscar at the 29th Academy Awards in 1957 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel). Quite rightly so; it is an excellent fim.
  4. I have that film on DVD. I watched it again last night and it brought back lots of memories of a holiday there in 1960. As a teenager I spent many weekends in Southend and at age 14 met a girl there who, 14 years later, was to become a partner of mine for a while.
  5. I was out in my shed cooking my chips in dripping when I remembered that I hadn't shut the greenhouse and polytunnel for the night. It was pouring with rain so I thought I'd just run up to the greenhouse and then on to the tunnel whilst my chips were cooking. As I turned the corner towards the greenhouse I ran onto a strip of wet decking, laid as a path over a particularly boggy bit of ground. The next thing I knew I was in the air like a cartoon banana slip! I hit the ground on my side with a thump and lay there for around half a minute trying to get my wits back together. I was soaking wet a
  6. I also know the name Rozalex. I seem to recall it from my apprentice days in the 1960s. I don't recognize the tin in the photo though.
  7. We've all said it: "Things aren't what they used to be." Mars bars chcnged their recipe in about 1978, chocolate in general has suffered greatly from 'Shrinkflation' and nothing seems to last these days. This morning I had been fixing the brakes on my bike and was covered in brake block dust so I reached for the SWARFEGA. In "The old days" Swarfega cleaned just about anything off your skin but this modern 'Original' Swarfega is next to useless and costs a fortune too. When Swarfega looked like this it worked a treat: But now that it looks like this, it i
  8. Here's a picture I found on Pinterest. The Empire café. I used to buy the 3d blockbuster cake with a cup of tea. Total cost a tanner in 1967ish. Another great café was the Elbow, at the top of Huntingdon Street. [Picture credit: Pinterest]
  9. Words I really dislike: "Like" when used several times iin a sentence; "Absolutely" when the word yes is more appropriate and "Cool" or "Kewl" when used at any time other than to describe a state of heat.
  10. You could be right there, Sue!
  11. Maybe it serves them rright, eh?! If only we could have a policed enforcement of dumping rules. On a nmumber of occasions I have reported fly-tipping but it's always the same "Sorry pal, not interested - short of resources and even if we went to the trouble of catching them, the courts would not consider it a serious crime."
  12. Is it nota new brewery? I see they have gold medals from the 1800s but I thought this was a new-ish microbrewery.
  13. Has she been on here before, Cliff Ton? I was beginning to think it odd that she made loads of posts and then disappeared.
  14. You should NEVER use the word "Got" unless you've got to!
  15. So, Amy is a teacher who has the option of using the "Naughty step". In my day the teacher's first option was to make you stand in the corner, second was to send you outside to the corridor (And the Gods help you if you wee seen by the head); next option was the big stick or strap and finally send you to the head for punishment. How things change in so few years. No, isn't a few years is it, it's sixty years ago. Gordon Bennet! Where did the time go?
  16. Promble with the Post Office is that it is no longer a servcie - it is now a "For Profit" company. Any branch that doesn't turn a big enough profit is closed.
  17. I once married a lass from Selston - if that isn't daft, I don't know what is!
  18. I had been looking at my dead friend's fb page when it struck me that he had no idea it was winter for him. On Christmas Day he announced "The best Christmas ever!" and on Boxing Day he had a heart attack and died. As you say, Jonab, its real.
  19. Worcester sauce (Lee & Perrins) is more-or-less the same as HP sauce but thinner.
  20. If you can get the real-ale version of Boddies it is quite a pleasant brew, Fly. Light, golden and bitter.
  21. Well, Mrs Compo comes back today. I've had a wonderful week of peace and quiet on my own - it's been great but whatever you do don't tell her! Over the course of the week I have managed to trim all the hedges, all the grass, prune a big scyamore tree, sow poppies iin the local hedgerows, collect Parasol mushrooms in the local woods, remove part of a knuckle witih the petrol powered hedge cutter and almost break my shin whilst stamping on the stepladder to make it secure in the ground (I missed and shinned it into the ground). I've enjoyed a few pints in 'Spoons, organized a new sim for my ph
  22. Mrs Compo was reading about someone in Spain who was caught dumping an old freezer over a cliff. They were fined (I forget the exact figure) several thousand euros and forced to remove the freezer and take it to the proper disposal facility.
  23. These days brewers seem to be making all kinds of arty-farty real ales, so it made a nice change to go into 'Spoons the other day and find a proper old fashioned bitted on the hand pump. The barmaid (Can I say that these days?) said that it was the most popular of the beers on offer at the moment. I would love to see a return to proper beers such as Shippos and Home bitter. At a wedding reception in Manchester some years ago we were next door to a pub that sold hand-pulled Holt's bitter, a cheap and cheerful old fashioned bitter with no firills or added cherries, lemons or any other such st