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  1. Hi Jill,

             I was just scrolling through posts on Bobbers Mill when I came across your post on the Wheatsheaf Hotel. I remember it well, I used to fetch fish and chips for the drinkers in the beer garden.I would climb over the wall where the swings used to be,and across to the fish and chip shop. It would have been around 1952 to 56. What a shame that it is to be a Macca,s site. I now live in Australia emigrated in 56, attended Whitemoor and Ellis schools. I have tried to contact old friends with no luck.

    1. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Yes, I remember The Wheatsheaf very well. Your memories will be a bit earlier than mine but I do remember the swings. It was a quiet place to sit outside with the family on warm summer evenings. Like everything else, it's all changed now. It's some years since I was in the area.


      Don't give up on the search for old friends. It's amazing who stumbles across this site, given time.